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A simple way to lose ten pounds in a month

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One month is not long, but if you work hard, you will succeed. Then it is normal to lose weight in one month. There is no standard answer. 3 catties, 5 catties, and 10 catties are all considered normal. Among them, losing ten pounds is an easy and fulfilling thing.

   Ways to lose ten pounds a month:

   1. Ensure adequate daily exercise

   Normally, there is no spare time for professional exercise, but do not give up exercise in order to ensure enough daily activities every day.

   In daily life, you must make good use of your free time to get yourself moving, and ensure that the accumulated exercise time per day is more than one hour. It is especially recommended to do simple light exercises (walking or standing, etc.). ) After a meal, it not only speeds up digestion, but also stabilizes the blood sugar level after a meal, avoiding obesity.

  The recommended daily exercise forms are: climbing stairs, walking, horse riding, muscle stretching and so on.

  Plenty of daily exercise can also promote the body's blood circulation and have a significant effect on fat burning and detoxification.

   2. Reasonably control the intake of carbon water

  Appropriate carbohydrates can supplement energy and ensure rapid metabolism, but excessive intake of carbohydrates can induce obesity and affect health. Therefore, the most important thing to lose weight is to control carbohydrate intake reasonably.

   First of all, you can use vegetables instead of staple food, which can ensure fullness and reduce carbohydrate intake.

   In addition, the intake of desserts must be strictly controlled. If you have a big appetite, you can use sweet fruits instead of desserts.

   Finally, pay attention to the intake of sugary drinks, and develop the habit of drinking warm white water and warm tea.

   3. Light meal for dinner

  Compared with the daily metabolism, the metabolism at night is slower, so dinner is very important for Weight loss.

  In order to lose weight, it is recommended to eat dinner early and not eat any food for four hours before going to bed. In addition, dinner should be light. Avoid greasy food, fried food, etc. And eat more water to cook vegetables and grains.

   In order to avoid weight gain and swelling, do not drink water too late. It is recommended not to drink water two hours before going to bed.

   Weight loss is a long process. Please follow the above method to lose weight for more than one month to obtain significant results.

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