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How to lose weight if the meat on the arm is loose

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How to reduce the loose meat on the arm

  How to thin your arms the fastest and most effective? Right now is the season to wear sleeveless and expose your arms, so let's teach you how to thin your arms and shoulders.

   1. When you are free, do a 360-degree swing of your arm vigorously, and then stop until your arm becomes sore.

  2. Knead the meat on your arm whenever you have time, until it is hot. This is to burn excess fat.

   teaches you a simple set of thin arm exercises:

   The first step: Stretch your hands forward as much as possible, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

   Step 2: Draw a circle with both hands, 20 times inward and 20 times outward. Do three sets at a time

   Note: When drawing a circle, you don’t need to draw too much. We need to use the power of the arm, not the power of the palm.

  How to thin arms, arms and shoulders

  STEP1: Press the small arm to the shoulder blade

   When applying lotion, it is recommended that you can directly choose body sculpting cream to enhance the effect! It's very simple. As shown in the picture above, start to pinch the arm from the elbow, press toward the shoulder blade (circled in the picture above), and repeat this action until the lotion is absorbed before changing sides! It is recommended that the hand strength can be larger and there is a little pain, which can promote lymphatic circulation and have a better effect.

  STEP2: Take it from the middle of the upper arm to the underarm

   As shown in the picture above, pinch from the middle of the upper arm, press it to the armpit, and then bring it inward toward the chest. It can also increase the strength and feel a little pain is OK! Imagine you just crush the fat again~~~ Massage both sides for two minutes!

  STEP3: Twist the upper arm

   Just think of the upper arm as a "towel"! ! Twist it from the outside in, as long as you twist it for two minutes, this action can help "tighten" the arm!

  STEP4: Backward tightening of muscle lines

   After doing everything, straighten your arms straight back, not bend your elbows, raise them as much as possible, stay for 10 seconds and then put them down, do a total of five sets, do both sides! ! Remember, it means that the posture is right if you feel the sensation of the muscles being pulled tightly!

   Don’t worry, it’s too late to start working hard now. As long as you stick to it, you can not only get rid of the annoying meat by worship, but also help you reshape the firmer arm lines! If you want a beautiful hold, a sleeveless dress, a vest and a skirt, don’t hurry up and move!

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