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Exercise to lose weight how to exercise leg strength

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Why is the thigh weak and weak?

   Thighs may be caused by some physical diseases, such as cerebrovascular disease, lumbar spinal stenosis, cervical myelopathy and Parkinson's disease can all cause the thighs to be weak and soft. Let's take a look at the 7 exercise methods for weak thighs.

  1, hot water feet

Soaking your feet with hot water, especially washing your feet with ginger or chili decoction, can quickly expand the capillary network of the human respiratory mucosa and accelerate blood circulation, so that the white blood cells in the blood in the respiratory mucosa can promptly destroy the bacteria that invade the human body. And viruses to protect the body from infection.

  2, moderate kick

Lean one arm lightly against the wall, and gently swing the opposite leg with the crotch as the axis. After 5 times, switch to the other leg and do the same action, three times in the morning, noon, and night, so that the blocked microcirculation can be unblocked again. Reduce blood viscosity to a certain extent.

  3, dry-cleaned legs

   Use both hands to hold one thigh tightly, massage from the thigh down to the ankle, and then massage from the ankle to the base of the thigh. Use the same method to massage the other leg, repeat 10-20 times. This can increase joint flexibility, leg muscles and walking ability, and prevent varicose veins, edema and muscle atrophy of the lower extremities.

  4, rub the calf

   Clamp the calf with both palms, rotate and knead, knead each side 20-30 times as one section, making a total of six sections. This method can dredge the blood vessels and increase the strength of the legs.

   5. Shake the calf

   Support the wall or tree with one hand, swing the calf forward first, tilt the toes forward, and then swing backward, 80-100 times at a time. This method can prevent lower limb atrophy, weakness or numbness, calf cramps and other symptoms.

   6, pull the toes

   Sit upright, straighten your legs, bow your head, bend your body forward, and pull your toes 20-30 times with both hands. This method can strengthen the waist and legs and increase the strength of the feet.

  7, stand on tiptoe to relieve fatigue

  Experts said that in the traditional Chinese health Qigong Ba Duan Jin, there is tiptoe exercise. You can put your feet together, stand on your toes, relax, repeat, and do it dozens of times a day. Tiptoe exercises are not restricted by venue, time or equipment, 5-10 minutes each time, which can effectively and quickly reduce fatigue.

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