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Successfully "get rid of" big belly in one month

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A lot of meat on the belly is often caused by the following reasons:

1. Getting old

Although I don't want to admit it, my body's metabolism has dropped significantly since the age of 25. As the metabolism decreases, the amount of calories needed for body operation begins to decrease. It is easy to cause excess calories to be consumed in the body, which accumulates on the abdomen and forms fat, especially some women are more likely to accumulate fat on the abdomen during menopause. .

2. Incorrect exercise mode

Speaking of exercise to lose weight, I believe that most girls will choose to run, brisk walking, swimming, etc. Although these aerobic exercises have certain benefits for Weight loss, it is still difficult to lose weight by aerobic exercise.

If you want to be in shape, you still need to combine some strength training, such as abdominal crunch or plank support.

3. Eat too many deep-processed foods

I usually like to eat bread, beverages, potato chips, and other deeply processed foods. These foods are generally rich in additives, such as heavy salt and sugar. If you eat regularly, it is easy to cause fat accumulation in the abdomen. Therefore, I suggest that you can do it in your daily life. Eat less of these foods, eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals, these foods can effectively inhibit the accumulation of abdominal fat.

4. Long-term sedentary

Many white-collar workers have to sit in front of the office for 9 hours a day. Long-term sitting and exercise intensity are not enough. Lunch is solved in front of the computer. After eating, they sit without getting up and walking, which is prone to accumulate fat in the abdomen.

5. Insufficient exercise intensity

People who exercise with high intensity will lose fat faster than those who exercise with low intensity. Aerobic exercises need to achieve the effect of Weight loss. The exercise heart rate must be sufficient. Aerobic exercises are characterized by medium-intensity and long-lasting exercise. Therefore, exercise time must exceed 45 minutes to have the effect of weight loss.

How to lose weight correctly?

Have enough dietary fiber

Studies have shown that giving you 10 grams of soluble dietary fiber you need every day can help reduce belly fat. A thin belly requires reasonable appetite control, and the fine grains we usually eat cannot maintain a long-term fullness, which is not conducive to our good appetite control.

In order to reduce the belly faster, we can eat more whole grains (bean porridge, corn, etc.) in normal times. These foods all contain some dietary fiber, which is good for the intestines while maintaining a longer time of fullness, and helps to lose weight quickly.

Long distance jogging or swimming the next day

Jogging is a relatively mild aerobic exercise. Long-distance jogging about 3 times a week (you can run for 1 hour regardless of speed) can effectively lose weight.

For people with a slightly larger weight base, it is better to swim with a thin belly than running with a thin belly because it is easier to stick to it.

Massage thin abdomen

In addition to strict diet and running to lose weight, massaging a thin belly is also a good way.

Method: Fold your palms on each other and massage your abdomen with your palms, starting from the upper heart socket, down to the pubic bone, 30 turns on the front and back, so that the abdomen gradually becomes warm. When pressing, if you feel a hard part, it may be the place where the stool is staying. At this time, you should rub it gently and don't use too much force. This method can alleviate constipation and have a certain effect on quickly losing belly.

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