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Milk or yogurt, which one is more weight loss?

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In fact, yogurt and milk are conducive to Weight loss, which one is better?Weight loss comparison

First of all, we must refute the rumors: Drinking a cup of hot milk every night is useless for weight loss.

The benefit of milk for weight loss is to provide high-quality protein;

The benefit of yogurt for weight loss is that it provides high-quality protein while also providing some live probiotics to regulate the intestinal tract.

Although the advantages of yogurt are slightly larger, the sugar content of commercially available yogurt basically obliterates most of the benefits of yogurt. And like some room temperature yogurts on the market, not only do they have no live probiotics, but they also contain a lot of sugar, which is of no benefit to weight loss.

When to drink milk and yogurt to lose weight

During the weight loss period, you can choose milk and yogurt. Drink it before meals and before going to bed. The daily consumption is about 2500-500ml. Note that you should choose pure milk, not milk beverages.

According to research findings, eating milk 30 minutes before a meal can effectively control the increase in blood sugar after a meal. The increase in blood sugar after a meal means that the feeling of fullness after a meal lasts for a long time and the fat will be reduced. So before a meal Adding a glass of milk can occupy a part of the stomach space, which can reduce the intake and achieve the effect of weight loss.

Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed is helpful for sleep, and the calories are much lower than snacks such as biscuit instant noodles.

Points to note when eating yogurt to lose weight

1. Don't heat

The active probiotics in yogurt, if heated or diluted with boiling water, will die in large numbers, not only the unique taste disappears, but also the nutritional value will be lost.

2. Do not take with certain drugs

Antibiotics such as chloramphenicol and erythromycin, sulfa drugs and some drugs used to treat diarrhea can kill or destroy the active probiotic bacteria in yogurt.

3. Don't drink yogurt on an empty stomach

Drinking yogurt on an empty stomach will weaken the health effects. Drinking yogurt after meals, probiotics can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, resist harmful bacteria, improve the gastrointestinal environment, and maintain intestinal weight loss.

How to drink milk correctly to lose weight

1. Do not drink milk on an empty stomach

If you can’t drink milk on an empty stomach often, it will cause stomach ulcers and hyperacidity, which can be severe and even easily poisoned. So eat some bread and oatmeal before drinking milk every morning.

2. Milk yogurt for supper

There are girls who eat supper at night, it is recommended to reduce the amount of dinner by one third, and then treat milk and yogurt as supper, drink it 2 hours before going to bed, which can benefit the quality of sleep and weight loss.

3. Drink milk before meals

Both milk and yogurt can have an obvious feeling of fullness, and can replace high-calorie and high-fat foods such as biscuits, snacks and candy. Use before meals can reduce the food intake of the meal, thereby achieving weight loss.

4. Low-fat milk

You must choose the right milk to achieve the effect of weight loss. People who need milk to lose weight should choose low-fat milk, so that the combination of fat, calcium and weight loss can be achieved.

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