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The longer the plank support lasts, the more fat you can lose?

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I was boasted for a while, and the exaggerated claim was that one minute a day would be able to get rid of cellulite. In fact, planks are not that magical. Plank support is a kind of strength exercise. It is more about training people's muscles and improving the basal metabolic rate. Merely doing plank support does not consume enough calories and can not achieve a good Weight loss effect. If you want to lose weight faster, you have to do aerobic exercise for a longer period of time, and at the same time control your diet and reduce calorie intake.

Standard plank action

When doing plank support, use your elbows and toes as support points, with your elbows open and shoulder-width apart and directly below your body. The abdomen is tightened, and the hips, upper back and head are on the same level. Keep the movement for about 60 seconds and repeat multiple sets. When doing this, be careful not to collapse your waist. Otherwise, the lumbar spine may be injured if the abdominal muscles are not exercised.

Plank support is not as long as possible

In fact, plank support is not as long as possible. Everyone should do it according to their own physical conditions.

In fact, do not overly care about the time when practicing plank support. The correctness of the action is the most important. Plank support, the challenge should be to stick to the time of static exercises under the correct movements. The standard of action should be put first. If fatigue causes the movement to deform, it should be stopped immediately.

Most bodybuilders need to do plank exercises safely and effectively, and long-term persistence is correct. If the exercise method is improper, it is easy to cause problems such as muscle strain and increased blood pressure.

How to practice plank to be effective

Plank support is a kind of exercise to exercise the core muscle groups. The focus of support is on the shoulders, abdomen, and buttocks, but the training of the muscles is not balanced. Because some muscles cannot achieve the exercise effect through plank support, you can increase the supine hip and so on. Other exercises can be practiced; it can also be combined with abdominal training, interspersed in several exercises, can increase the tension of the abdominal muscles and improve the effect of abdominal exercises. When doing plank support, you should also cooperate with a scientific and regular breathing method.

What to pay attention to when practicing plank support

1. Be sure to keep the elbow and shoulder joints at right angles to the body.

2. Do a prone position on the floor and support your weight with your toes and forearms. The arms should be bent and placed under the shoulders.

3. Keep your body upright at all times and try to maintain this position for the longest time. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can improve your arms or legs.

4. The shoulders should be above the elbows, the continuous contraction of the abdominal muscles should be maintained (controlled), the hips should not be higher than the shoulders, and the feet should be as wide as the shoulders.

5. You might as well put your hands together and raise your buttocks appropriately when you insist for more than 75 seconds (the reason is that our buttocks will sink over time, so keep the buttocks, waist and legs in a straight line).

6. Keep your neck leaning forward, so that the neck can be exercised.

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