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A good body can’t do without these three exercises, the way to keep it in shape

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You can’t get a good figure if you eat less, you need enough exercise to become slim. Most people don't like to go out to exercise, but they don't have enough daily activities. In response to this situation, we recommend three exercises that can be performed at home. It can not only keep the body slim for a long time, but also ensure continuous exercise. A good body can’t do without these three exercises, the way to keep it in shape


   (1) Daily stretch

   Maintaining muscle flexibility is the first step in building a thin body. In daily life, we should use all our spare time to stretch our bodies. Scapula stretching, chest expansion, and lunge stretching are all recommended exercises. Although their form of exercise is simple, long-term persistence can promote better circulation and metabolism of the body, and have significant effects in reducing weight and fat or forming a lean body.

   In addition to daily stretching, it is recommended to stretch after bathing to keep the body warm after bathing. At this time, stretching the muscle group can better improve circulation and metabolism, and the weight-loss effect will be stronger.


   (2) Plank support

   plank is a kind of training that can stretch the core muscle group, and has a good effect of thin abdomen and waist and abdomen shaping.

   The essentials of plank exercise:

   Lie on the floor mat or flat bed, support the body with the elbows and toes of both hands, and keep the head, back, waist, and buttocks at the same level. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, and then continue to stretch the plate support. Everyone can choose the exercise time of the tablet support according to their own situation.

   You can watch TV while exercising at home. It can not only obtain satisfactory sports performance, but also relax the body and mind.


  (3)Open and close jump

   During the jump, open and close your legs and stretch your arms up and down. Persisting in opening and closing jumps can effectively burn calories, stretch most of the body's muscle groups, and have the dual effects of burning fat and shaping.

   Open and close jumping can increase the heart rate and burn fat in a short time, and the effect of Weight loss and cellulite removal is extremely significant.

   Exercise for a few minutes every day to lose weight. So this exercise is especially suitable for people who want to lose weight and are short of time.

   Incorporating good exercise into daily life can not only make the Weight loss effect more significant, but also help the body have a good metabolic environment, which is conducive to the formation of lean physique.

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