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How to lose five pounds a week to lose weight

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Most people plan to travel or visit relatives. Whether you want to shine or want to wear more beautiful clothes, a slim figure is essential. How to lose five catties a week, scientifically lose five catties a week

   This time I will introduce a quick way to lose weight, you can easily lose five catties in a week.

   Must-read items before losing weight fast:

   When you lose weight fast, you will control your diet, so if you feel any discomfort during the Weight loss process, please stop losing weight so as not to affect your health.

   Weight loss is a continuous process, one or two times will not have a significant effect. Please insist on losing weight for at least one cycle, that is, a week.

   Please do not eat other foods other than the recommended food during weight loss to prevent weight loss failure.

   Ways to Lose weight fast:


   The daily diet during the weight loss period includes three boiled eggs, a cup of 250 ml pure non-fat sugar-free milk, and a plate of boiled vegetables without oil and salt. In addition to food, drink warm white water or warm tea.

   These foods should be eaten several times a day. Can't eat too much every time. If you don't feel very hungry, you should stop eating. When you feel hungry, eat again next time.

   When eating, develop a good habit of eating slowly. The slower you eat, the faster you will be full, and the less you will eat. The effect of weight loss and satiety is very strong.


   As the diet is strictly controlled during the weight loss process, it is not recommended to exercise excessively during the weight loss process to avoid health damage.

   It is recommended to skip rope for about ten minutes or jog for about half an hour every day.

   Also, stretch your muscles for 15 minutes before going to bed.

   This kind of exercise can not only accelerate fat burning, but also improve blood circulation throughout the body, help lose weight, and maintain high-speed metabolism. Slimming.

  Get used to it

   Don't sit for too long, use your free time for activities.

   Climb the stairs more and take the elevator less.

   Go to bed early and get up early to ensure 7-9 hours of adequate sleep every day.

   Adhere to the above methods to lose weight for a week, not only to lose weight, but also to accelerate the burning of accumulated fat and promote the discharge of excess toxins in the body.

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