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Intensive detox and weight loss in a week, slimming and beautiful skin

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Regular detoxification can not only eliminate the accumulated garbage, but also accelerate the burning of accumulated fat. It can not only increase the metabolism, but also lose weight and make the skin rejuvenated. A week of strengthening detox and Weight loss method, slimming and beautiful skin, the effect is absolutely amazing

   Detoxification diet for one week, Weight loss and beauty.

   People eat fruit on the first day of weight loss (not bananas).

   The second day of weight loss: Eat boiled vegetables (but not starchy vegetables) without adding any fat.

   The third day of weight loss: Only eat fruits and vegetables (do not eat bananas and starchy vegetables).

   Milk bananas, 3 bananas and 3 cups of milk on the fourth day of weight loss (you should choose skimmed milk without milk). You can use a blender to mix milk and bananas to make banana milk.

   Tomato beef or chicken breast to lose weight on the fifth day. Do not add too much high-calorie salt and seasoning when making it.

   Meat and vegetables for the sixth day of weight loss: (Meat only choose beef or chicken, not starchy vegetables).

   Brown rice vegetables and fruits on the seventh day of weight loss (bananas and starchy vegetables are not allowed). The recommended diet sequence is brown rice.

   A week's intensive detox diet precautions:

   1. During weight loss, we will strictly control our diet. It is recommended to pay more attention to your own situation. Once any health problems occur, stop losing weight immediately.

  2. In addition to controlling your diet during weight loss, you should also add a lot of warm white water and drink at least 1.5 liters a day. Be careful to drink water slowly, and don't drink too much at a time.

   3. Don't endure hunger for a long time during weight loss. You can develop the habit of eating less and more. Although you limit the type of diet during weight loss, you can eat enough.

   4. You can't drink alcohol when you lose weight, let alone drink any kind of beverage.

   5. Do not eat before going to bed, and end the whole day of eating four or five hours before going to bed.

   The detoxification and weight loss diet can be done once a month or once every two months, which can promote the excretion of toxins in the body and reduce fat. When the toxins in the body are removed, it can improve the circulation and metabolism of the whole body, contribute to the formation of a good body, and at the same time can beautify the skin and improve the dullness of the skin.

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