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How to lose ten pounds a month to lose weight, quickly learn

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Compared with slightly fat people, people with a large weight base lose weight faster. This time, a set of weight-loss methods is introduced, which is suitable for obese people as well as lightly obese people. After practicing, netizens lose ten kilograms a month. If you have an idea to lose weight, try it. The Weight loss method that loses ten kilograms a month is also suitable for people who are slightly fat. Learn to do it quickly

   Detailed explanation of how to lose weight by ten catties a month:

  1. You can eat less and more meals every day according to your preferences. You can only eat half full at a time.

  2. The daily food is a fist-sized brown rice, two boiled eggs, a palm-sized chicken breast and enough vegetables. Apart from this, you cannot eat any other food. These foods are best cooked in water.

  3. The last meal every day is before 18 o'clock, and no food can be eaten for breakfast until the next day.

  4. Drink warm white water or warm tea, about 2 liters of water a day. Don't drink a lot of water at once, drink it slowly.

   Please note that people with poor kidney health should drink water as appropriate to avoid damage to their health.

   5. Exercise regularly and maintain a position for no more than half an hour. In particular, you should not work at your desk for too long.

   6. Do not hunch back while standing or sitting. Straightening your back is very helpful to improve circulation and metabolic rate.

  7. Develop a good habit of loving sports. It is best to walk briskly or jog for more than 40 minutes a day. If time does not allow, exercise more than three days a week.

  8. In addition to aerobic exercise, muscle stretching is also an essential part of the weight loss process. Exercise your muscles for at least half an hour every day. Similarly, if time does not allow, you can adjust to exercise more than three days a week. Muscle stretching exercises can be equipment exercises or muscle stretching exercises.

  9. Develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and sleep for seven hours before 11 o'clock every night. Adequate sleep can improve metabolism and edema, and help lose weight.

  10. Losing weight is a process, please follow the above requirements and insist on losing weight for more than one month.

   The weight loss method described above is applicable to both obese and mildly obese people, and the weight loss effect is good. Reasonable diet control and increased exercise can not only promote fat burning, but also make people thinner and stronger and slenderer.

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