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It turns out that he was missing during the weight loss period, many people don’t know

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With age, low metabolism and overeating can indeed lead to obesity. But most people's obesity is not only due to these, but also related to lack of exercise. In addition, a non-exercise diet will become loose after becoming thin, and the metabolism will slow down. It is not beautiful, and it is easy to rebound and regain weight. I don’t lose weight on a diet. It turns out that I lost him during the Weight loss period. Many people don’t know.

   Therefore, whether it is Weight loss or fitness, you must ensure that you have enough exercise in your life.

   Running around at home to work, there is very little time available for exercise. When there is no exercise in life, muscle mass will be reduced and muscle vitality will be weakened. Directly affect the speed of basal metabolism. If things go on like this, the body will accumulate more fat and toxins, leading to obesity. In addition, this metabolic condition makes it difficult for the body to lose weight.

  How to exercise to get a better weight-loss effect?

  1. Aerobic exercise helps to lose weight and reduce fat

   Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking or jogging can promote fat burning. It can exercise the heart and lungs. Aerobic exercise often takes more than 40 minutes to achieve the effect of weight loss and fat reduction, so it is difficult for people who are usually busy with work to practice.

  2. Muscle exercise can improve muscle vitality and basal metabolic rate.

  In the process of muscle exercise, it can effectively consume glycogen, improve muscle vitality and muscle mass. When muscle mass increases, the basal metabolic rate increases. (Basal metabolism refers to the minimum energy required to maintain life, such as breathing, maintaining body temperature and circulation). The higher the basal metabolism, the more energy is consumed, which contributes to the formation of lean body.

   In addition, muscle exercise can be effective in a short time, and can maintain a highly metabolic body environment for about 48 hours, making the exercise effect longer.

   In addition, muscle training can consume fat while trimming muscle shape, which has the dual effect of shaping and burning fat.

  Muscle training is more suitable for people who don’t have enough time and need more body shaping.

   According to one's actual situation, choose the appropriate exercise method to practice, so that you can successfully become thinner and make your body slimmer and more elegant.

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