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Teach you how to lose weight fast and lose belly meat

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Teach you how to lose weight quickly

  The waist is where girls are more likely to accumulate fat. How can the fat on the belly be lost? How to reduce the meat around the belly button? For this reason, the editor has collected and sorted out relevant information and materials. If you want to know, please follow the editor and have a look!

   1. Stand in a large font with your feet apart and your hands extended horizontally.

   2. Stretch your hands up and put them together, keeping your feet still.

  3. Cross your left foot forward and keep your hands together.

   4. Turn your upper body to the left until you see the heel of your right foot. Keep this movement for 3 to 5 seconds.

   Tips: When you turn around, you should feel a tightness on the waist. Alternate left and right feet and repeat this set of actions 5 times.

   How to reduce the meat around the belly button

   1. Eat more high-fiber foods

  Fiber can slow down the energy released by food, thereby reducing the accumulation of fat in the body. The daily fiber intake should be 20-25 grams. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are all good choices.

   2. Eat more soy foods

  Soy-based foods are also good low-fat foods. And it is rich in vitamins and protein. Attention should be paid to intake of appropriate soy products every day, such as: tofu, soy milk, soy milk, etc.

   3. Eat more protein and less fat

  Protein can increase your metabolic rate, because your body needs to consume energy when digesting protein. For every 100 grams of protein consumed, 25 grams are consumed, and the actual intake is 75 grams. Otherwise, every 100 grams of fat can only consume 10 grams, and 90 grams will remain in your body.

  Slim waist exercise plan

  1, single-leg butt lift

   Lie on your back, bend your right leg, rest your left leg on your right leg. Place the palms of both hands down on the side of the body. Slowly lift your hips upwards, tighten your glutes as much as possible, until your back is straight. Repeat after restoring. Do 3 groups on each side, about 20 reps per group.

  2, insist on sit-ups

   Lie flat on the carpeted floor or exercise mat, put your hands on both sides and stretch your legs. Bend your knees slightly and press your heels against the floor. If you feel that your back is too bent or too tight, bend your knees a bit more until you feel comfortable. Don't force your back against the floor. Put your hands behind your neck. If it is placed too high, it will compress the head and may twist the neck each time it contracts.

  3, squat and jump

  The action is basically the same as the weight-bearing squat, which increases the explosive force. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and put your arms around your chest. Squat down until the knee joint is 90 degrees, and kick up vertically. Pay attention to the heavy legs and tighten the hips. Each set is about 10 times, do 3 sets. Since this exercise has impact with the ground when jumping to the ground, it is best to do it on a rubber mat, wooden floor or grass, and pay attention to maintaining your body balance.

Healthy weight loss

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