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How to lose weight in one month

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Losing weight requires "diet" and "regular exercise", but it is difficult to practice properly on busy days.

   This time, I will introduce a way to lose weight that requires neither diet nor exercise. After a month, it can easily lose weight and help shape your body.

   The entire Weight loss cycle is one month, divided into two parts. If you insist on losing weight for a month, you can get a good Weight loss effect.


   In the process of weight loss, there is a process of adjusting the diet. Once you experience any discomfort, stop losing weight.

   Drink plenty of water when losing weight. Drink at least 1.5 warm water every day. You can also use tea or black coffee instead of white water, but you cannot drink juice or beverages.

   Phase 1 (first two weeks): light carbohydrate, light fat, heavy protein diet

   In the first two weeks of weight loss, the diet mainly includes protein-rich fish, shrimp, soybeans, lean beef and chicken, and plenty of vegetables. Carbohydrates consumed daily can only be obtained from potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes.

   You can eat well in the first two weeks, but lean meat and vegetables are the main food, and then mixed with potatoes as the main food. In addition, it is best to prepare these foods by steaming or boiling.

   This low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet can lower blood sugar and insulin levels, thereby creating a body independent of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat.

   Phase 2 (the last two weeks): Appropriate amount of staple food + protein diet

   After losing weight for two weeks, we must not only eat enough protein food, but also increase the intake of high-quality cereals. Recommend brown rice, oats and whole wheat.

   The diet in the second half of weight loss is mainly vegetables and protein foods, and then a lot of grains and staple foods should be supplemented. Eat regularly, but don't overeat. Baman is the best state.

   A high-quality carbohydrate and protein diet can ensure a better circulation and metabolic environment, which not only accelerates fat burning, but also helps the body increase muscle mass and shape the body.

   Weight loss is a process. It is recommended to stick to the above-mentioned weight loss life for one month to obtain the expected results.

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