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If you insist on doing this, you can restore the figure in your 20s.

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After the age of 30, the figure began to lose shape and it became difficult to lose weight. Why is there such a situation?

   People in their thirties tend to gain weight and have difficulty losing weight. What are the reasons?

   Decrease in basal metabolism

   One of the reasons for weight gain after the age of 30 is the decline in basal metabolism. Basic metabolism is the energy consumed by the body to ensure normal vital signs without doing anything. About 60%-70% of human energy expenditure is caused by basal metabolism. Therefore, the decline in basal metabolism caused by aging is the cause of weight gain.

   Hormone imbalance

   When you are in your 30s, the secretion of growth hormone will decrease, and growth hormone will increase muscle mass and burn body fat. In addition, the secretion of female hormones began to decline in the 1930s. Hormonal balance will be broken, and this disorder of hormone secretion is also the cause of obesity, especially the accumulation of fat around the internal organs.

   What should I do after my 30s to be as slim and thin as my 20s?

   often eat three meals

   Most people think that losing weight = not cooking, but in fact this is a wrong way.

   Eat three meals on time every day to ensure a balanced nutritional intake and ease the craving for snacks. This can provide energy for basal metabolism and promote the balanced secretion of hormones.

   Just consciously control the amount of food for the three meals. At the age of twenty, you should be full, but at the age of thirty, you can only eat up to eight full.

  Adjust the order of eating

  The ideal diet sequence to maintain health is side dishes (vegetables, etc.). )→main dish (protein)→staple food (carbohydrate).

   This diet sequence can fully consume dietary fiber and control carbohydrate intake. It has a strong effect on controlling blood sugar levels after meals and inhibiting fat accumulation.

  This kind of diet sequence can especially help people over 30 to lose weight and stay healthy.

   Sufficient muscle training

   Diet control is not suitable for people in their thirties. Because obesity after the age of 30 is not only related to diet, but also has the effects of muscle relaxation and muscle mass decline.

   When muscle mass and muscle vitality decrease, the body's basic metabolism will slow down, which can easily lead to obesity. Therefore, if you do not want to gain weight after the age of 30, you should consciously increase your daily muscle training. People in their thirties are busy with work and raising children and cannot go on a diet. The trick to lose weight after the age of 30 is to integrate healthy eating into your daily life and find a way to live comfortably and stay healthy.

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