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How to lose weight without a diet?

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The mood of wanting to lose weight is the same, but dieting and other Weight loss methods are always out of daily life, which is not only difficult, but also difficult to maintain. Therefore, it is not correct to restrict diet to lose weight, and it is difficult to lose weight successfully.

   This time, I will introduce some Weight loss methods to adjust my daily diet. These methods are not only suitable for my life, but also conducive to long-term sustainability.

   Maybe adjusting your diet will not have immediate effect, but if you incorporate these subtle eating habits into your life, you will reap huge benefits.

  Breakfast] Sufficient nutrition

   Breakfast is a meal that supports daily activities. In order to burn more fat, it is recommended that protein be the focus of breakfast.

   Breakfast is nutritious, you can eat any food you want, but relatively speaking, it is recommended to eat more protein-rich foods, which can promote fat burning, speed up metabolism, and greatly help lose weight and maintain health.

  Lunch] The intake of staple food cannot be higher than 20%

  Relatively speaking, lunch may be a bit rich and casual, but in order to control the intake of staple food (carbohydrate), the staple food should not exceed 20% of the total lunch.

   Restricting the intake of staple foods (carbohydrates) for lunch can slow down the rise of blood sugar levels, and it has the effect of inhibiting fat accumulation and maintaining health.

  [Dinner] Eat low-calorie food

   Compared with breakfast and lunch, dinner should be as light as possible, and the intake of staple food (carbohydrates) should be strictly controlled.

   Try to eat boiled or steamed food for dinner. It is best to choose whole grains as the staple food.

   In addition to the choice of diet, we should also pay attention to the time and quantity of dinner. Dinner should end four hours before going to bed and should not eat too much. It's best to eat at six or seven o'clock.

   Be careful when eating three meals, control the amount and time of eating, so that you can lose weight easily. Weight loss is an ongoing process. Only by accumulating good eating habits can we truly lose weight.

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