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What is the cause of fat on the belly

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What is the cause of fat on the belly

  Many people tend to fatten their stomachs as soon as they get fat, and the fat on their stomachs is increasing and it is difficult to reduce them. Let’s take a look at the cause of excessive belly fat.

  The cause of excessive fat on the belly is caused by excessive eating and drinking, excessive stress, decreased gastrointestinal function, and aging of the abdominal muscles.

   One, overeating and drinking

   1. Too much oil is taken

   It is generally known that the accumulation of body fat can make people become obese, so fat absorption is a taboo in Weight loss. In other words, in order to prevent weight gain, you must eat less foods with high fat content. General vegetable oils and animal oils are actually fats, and vegetable oils are pure fats. The main component of animal fat is also fat. It can be said that fat is inseparable from ordinary people’s daily life, because fat is everywhere. In addition to oil, it also There is a certain amount of fat in lean meat, offal, eggs, milk, soy products, and some vegetables. Therefore, nutrition experts often suggest that people who lose weight must eat more vegetables and less meat.

   2. Drinking too much

Alcohol is a high-calorie beverage. According to estimates, 1 gram of alcohol can produce 7 kilocalories, which is second only to the calories produced by fat. Among alcoholic beverages, the alcohol content in beer is only 3%. About, but it still has 11% sugar content, and in terms of quantity, the amount of beer drinking is much larger than that of liquor. do you know? The calories produced by a bottle of beer are approximately equal to the calories produced by 100 grams of grain, so some people joked that "wine is the essence of grain, the more it is, the younger it is." Therefore, drinking is equivalent to eating more, and the excess energy consumed by drinking will also be stored in the form of fat. Especially the men who consume too much beer, they all have big bellies, just like pirated pregnant women.

   3. I love snacks and desserts

  Some people like to eat too many snacks and drink sweet drinks, especially some people like to watch and eat snacks while watching TV or movies. As everyone knows, the carbohydrates, protein, fat and other ingredients in snacks can cause all kinds of fat. It can be said that eating snacks is equivalent to eating energy. Protein-rich foods and beverages (especially processed meat, eggs, milk, soybeans, etc.) are high in fat and rich in protein. Once the energy produced by these snacks and beverages cannot be consumed, it will be in the form of fat It is stored in the abdomen, which leads to the "rise in the middle" of gluttons and become overweight.

   2. Excessive pressure and depression

   Many white-collar women have this experience: to catch up with the stress of work, life will be very unsatisfactory, and there will be an inexplicable anxiety and depression in the heart, feeling that they have done nothing, and their mood is very gloomy. Studies have shown that stress can also make people fat, because when people are under stress, they stimulate the secretion of adrenal cortisol. The adrenal cortisol index remains high, which will increase appetite and encourage people to eat and drink too much. The large amount of food in the abdomen stimulates the secretion of hormones such as insulin, leading to the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in the abdomen.

   When many women are stressed, anxious, or depressed, they will eat snacks as a vent or compensation to increase the satisfaction of the soul. But she didn't know that when the stomach was full, the fat was also full. This is why the waist becomes thicker.

   3. Decreased gastrointestinal function

   People sitting in the office seldom exercise due to sitting for a long time, which will slow down the blood flow in the abdomen, inadequate gastrointestinal motility, and easily cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort or constipation. Constipation is the enemy of women. Stool stays in the intestine for too long, which can accumulate gas and metabolites in the body, causing the lower abdomen to bulge and protrude forward.

  Analysis and countermeasures: Decreased gastrointestinal function is a common symptom of white-collar workers who are busy at work. In fact, just a little attention in daily life can improve this situation. Such people should massage their abdomen frequently, consume fermented foods, and increase exercise. Massage can drain the water and waste accumulated in the body. At the same time, massage can also improve the metabolic capacity, which is also very effective in preventing and improving the phenomenon of abdominal bloat. The correct method is: massage the abdomen clockwise, 10 to 5 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day.

   Fermented food can help improve the protruding lower abdomen from the intestine! It is more suitable for people with frequent constipation and severe swelling. You can eat more fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and cheese. You can also increase outdoor activities, and more exercise can promote bowel movements and make stool smooth.

   Fourth, the aging of the abdominal muscles

   People have two abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are like a piece of natural tight underwear for the human body, tightening and flattening the abdominal wall to prevent the stomach, large intestine, small intestine and other internal organs from bulging out. The same amount of fat, if the abdominal muscles are developed and have the binding force of the abdominal muscles, the lower abdomen will not be prominent and loose. As the age grows, muscles will gradually age and their strength will gradually weaken. Once the abdominal muscles relax, the fat will become loose and the lower abdomen will become bloated.

  Many office white-collar workers often sit with their backs arched or with Erlang's legs crossed. This posture is the weakest on the abdomen, and over time, the abdominal muscles are most likely to relax. In addition, the abdominal muscles of women are elongated during pregnancy, but after giving birth, the tension and elasticity of the abdominal muscles are weakened due to careless exercise.

  Analysis and countermeasures: Delaying muscle aging and maintaining the strong strength of abdominal muscles are inseparable from exercise. Many sports, such as yoga, aerobics, equipment training, etc. have content to exercise the abdominal muscles. But what needs to be reminded is that you must find a way that suits you and can persist for a long time. It is best not to be too complicated or too intense. Although the abdominal muscles have improved through short-term high-intensity training, once they stop, they are likely to rebound. White-collar women can choose some simple and easy exercise methods that are suitable for practice at work or at home. Do it once in the morning and in the afternoon during work breaks every morning and evening. I believe the effect will be good.

   Five, denim pants

   Low-rise jeans are what many people like to wear. They are popular and sexy, but now you should pay attention to it. Recently, it has been discovered that many people wear low-rise jeans for a long time, causing fat on their abdomen and upper body.

   Low-rise jeans show a small waist, so sexy, but the doctor reminded that there are many problems with wearing low-rise pants! The upper edge of the pubic hair is called the "bikini line". The closer the waistband to the bikini line, the more likely it is to cause the waist and fat displacement. The squeezing method of low-rise jeans can easily cause blood in the abdominal cavity above the pelvis and below the pubis. Poor circulation, skin allergies, constipation, and other metabolic syndrome symptoms, or dry bowel syndrome caused by small intestinal movement space, and some also have symptoms such as gastroesophageal reflux.

   Low-rise jeans worn for a long time can easily cause the fat to move upwards and cause the upper body of the swimming ring. Because the low-waist pants are stuck on the lower abdomen, near the bones, and the pants are not stuck in the abdomen, it often makes the waist circumference increased without knowing it.

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