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How to lose five pounds in half a month

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The key to Weight loss is to control your diet, but in order to avoid the harm caused by dieting, it is best to choose a reasonable diet to lose weight, so that you can withstand the pain of not eating food, and you can lose weight successfully.

   This time, I will introduce a set of Weight loss methods, insisting to lose 5 pounds easily within half a month.

   weight loss recipe:

   Breakfast: a sweet potato, 200ml low-fat milk, a boiled egg and a plate of vegetable salad.

  Lunch: Sweet potato, apple, chicken breast and vegetable salad

  Dinner: half sweet potato, 200ml low-fat milk, small tomatoes

  The sweet potato in the diet is rich in insoluble dietary fiber, which can enhance gastrointestinal vitality, promote defecation, and relieve constipation. It can not only eliminate big belly, but also improve circulation metabolism, lose weight and eliminate edema.

  The chicken breast in the diet is rich in protein and low in calories. Eating it during weight loss can not only increase muscle mass, but also enhance muscle vitality, which has a good effect on improving metabolism and accelerating fat burning.

   Points to note during weight loss:

  1. Diet will be restricted during weight loss. Once you experience any discomfort during weight loss, stop weight loss immediately.

  2. When you lose weight, you can only eat the foods introduced in the recipe, not other foods.

  3. If you feel fasting between meals, it is recommended to eat some cucumbers or tomatoes to satisfy your hunger.

  4. When you lose weight, you should add enough water and drink 2 warm water slowly every day.

   5. Dinner time should be as early as possible. It's best to finish dinner before 18:00 in the afternoon. You can't eat any food after dinner.

   6. Losing weight is a process, so stick to the thing to lose weight so that you can get the desired results.

  7. Work and rest well during weight loss, and develop a good habit of going to bed and getting up early. Sleep 7-8 hours a day. Compared with losing weight, maintaining a good figure is more important. Therefore, after successfully losing weight, do not resume your usual diet immediately to avoid rebound. It is recommended to gradually increase the amount of food after losing weight, and not to overdo it in the future diet. Eating eight or seven full meals is the best state.

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