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Weight loss experts summarize healthy weight loss methods

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Weight loss is a common topic, but the method and process of Weight loss are different. This time, I will introduce a set of weight loss methods recommended by weight loss experts. If you insist on losing weight for a month or two, you can successfully lose weight and you will be very slim.

  Specific ways to lose weight:

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  1. Breakfast: boiled eggs with whole wheat bread and tomatoes, you can be full, but not full.

  2. Lunch: Don't eat greasy food, eat less, eat only half full, and eat only grains.

  3. Eat a banana and a cup of about 150 grams of yogurt at around 3 pm (pay attention to choosing non-fat and sugar-free yogurt).

  4. Don't eat dinner. Do not eat any food after dinner until before going to bed.

   5. During weight loss, you can't eat any other food except the food in your diet.

   6. Drink 1.5-2 warm water or hot tea every day.


  1. Make sure you have enough daily activities every day, walking 10,000 steps or half an hour.

  2. Don't rest immediately after dinner, but walk for fifteen to twenty minutes.

  3. Jog for 40 minutes a day, or skip rope 2000 times.

  4. Insist on 40 minutes of equipment training or 40 minutes of muscle training every day.

   5. Stretch your muscles for more than 15 minutes before and after exercise.

   6. Enough water should be added before and after exercise and during exercise. If you exercise too much, you can add a small amount of sports drinks.


  1. Drink a glass of lemonade or warm water every morning.

  2. eat slowly. A meal takes about fifteen minutes.

  3. Eat seriously when you eat. You can't do things or look at your phone while eating.

  4. Drink a glass of warm water ten minutes before meals, and then eat and drink normally.

   5. Never stay up late. You should go to bed from 10:30 to 11:00 in the evening, about 8 hours a day.

   Weight loss is the process of adjusting diet, exercise habits and lifestyle habits. When these habits can be incorporated into life, weight loss is easy. In addition, this kind of weight loss is to control diet and exercise at the same time, so when you become thin, you can also have a slim body.

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