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Control diet for three months, lose 37 pounds

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Control diet for three months, lose 37 pounds
   Losing weight is the perfect counterattack in life. If you don't know how to make yourself better, try to lose weight, you won't be disappointed.

   Netizens reduced their weight from 152 kg to 115 kg by controlling their diet for three months. After losing weight, great changes have taken place in health, temperament and image, becoming more beautiful and confident.

   If you also have a heart that wants to fight back, then join the ranks of fast Weight loss.

   Specific methods for netizens to control diet to lose weight:

   Diet and preparation methods during Weight loss:

   Oats, brown rice and quinoa porridge, about 500ml.

   After pre-cooking broccoli, celery and cucumber, add 2 warm water to make coarse fruit and vegetable juice.

  You can adjust the consistency of multi-grain porridge and fruit and vegetable juice according to your preferences.

   Two boiled eggs and one boiled chicken breast.

   When cooking chicken breast, only add a little salt, not too salty.

   Diet during weight loss:

   Diet and preparation methods during weight loss:

   In a day of weight loss, you can eat all the weight-loss foods mentioned above, but you should eat fewer meals. You can eat when you are hungry, but you can't eat every time, at most you can only eat a little bit full.

   In addition, we should adjust the time of the last meal to ensure that we do not eat anything for four hours before going to bed.

   The seven points of weight loss depend on your diet, so adjusting your diet can effectively lose weight and eliminate fat. However, if you want to become thinner and have a better metabolism, you should increase exercise on the basis of adjusting your diet and develop good living habits.

  In order to improve the weight loss effect, it is recommended that everyone keeps enough exercise while following the above diet control methods to lose weight. It is recommended to do half an hour of aerobic exercise and half an hour of muscle training every day.

   In addition to exercise, it is also recommended to develop good living habits, which is conducive to maintaining a good figure for a long time.

  1. Go to bed early and get up early, go to bed before 11 o'clock every night, sleep for seven hours.

  2. Eat slowly and try to eat hot food.

  3. Do not rest immediately after eating. Before resting, do 15 minutes of moderate light exercise.

   Weight loss is a process, as long as you persist, it will be effective.

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