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What is the standard for hips

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What is the standard for hips

   Having a beautiful butt is something that many women dream of. In fact, we can hear about getting a beautiful butt the day after tomorrow. Let’s take a look at the standard for a beautiful buttocks.

The standard of    buttocks is that the buttocks are tight and round, the size should be balanced, the lordosis is raised, and the skin is fair.

Generally speaking, the standard for hips is that the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference is 0.618:1, but that is to say, no one in the world can reach this standard. It is good to have 0.66~0.7. To put it simply, The hip circumference is half larger than the waist circumference, which almost meets this standard, such as waist circumference 24 and hip circumference 36.

   However, there is no overly standard scientific basis for judging whether a person is a buttock. It is entirely based on feeling, as long as it seems to meet the following four criteria.

   Four internationally recognized standards for beautiful buttocks:

   1. The buttocks must be tight and round, and not shake too much when walking;

  2. The size of the whole buttocks should be balanced, and it must be in proportion to the body. It should not be too big, and of course too small is not qualified;

  3, lordosis and back warping are important conditions for assessing beautiful buttocks. When walking and turning around, the hips should be slightly upturned to look really good;

   4. The skin is fair, delicate, shiny and elastic. Fat must not be less, but it is just right. More fat will make you fat, but an inch less thick will make you thin.

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