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Eating only fruit for weight loss can cause malnutrition

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Can I lose weight by only eating fruits? Maybe the fat hasn't been reduced enough and the body is broken. It is a good thing to eat more fruits to supplement the vitamin ABCD, but it is very unscientific to use fruits instead of regular meals. The body needs to take in enough nutrients every day to function normally. Eating only fruits will cause malnutrition. Can eating only fruit for Weight loss promote metabolism?

Blacklist 1: Use fruits as "dry food" and eat it up

Xiaohong, a media specialist who works for a travel agency, is determined to lose weight. A while ago, she rarely ate staple foods and stewed a lot of fruits every day to satisfy her hunger. When resting at home alone on weekends, she went to the supermarket to buy a cantaloupe, half a watermelon, half a papaya, 3 peaches and a dragon fruit. She watched TV and ate fruit, and "stuffed" an ice cream in the middle, which was too late to eliminate the cantaloupe. At that time, I started to go to the toilet frequently, and I had eaten my stomach.

Blacklist Two: Expert Comment: Beware of Fructosuria with Excess Fruit Juice

Due to the coolness of fruits, eating too much can easily lead to diarrhea. In addition, there are no energy sources such as starch and protein. Eating too much fruit will also increase the concentration of blood sugar. The brain will continue to send out the error message of not being full, and high blood sugar will stay in the stomach for a long time, which will cause greater damage to the stomach. High blood sugar can also cause fructoseuria (symptoms manifested as restlessness, dizziness, high blood sugar can easily lead to diabetes in adults) and other diseases, and children who love to drink fruit juice are more likely to suffer from this disease. It is recommended to understand your physical condition correctly before eating melons and fruits. People with bad spleen and stomach are not suitable for eating cold food.

Blacklist 3: Breakfast = a fruit + a handful of vitamin tablets

"Those who have aspirations will succeed", this is Xiaoli's firm belief on the way to lose weight. After losing weight for ten years, she insisted on not eating much staple food. Breakfast is basically a fruit + a handful of vitamin tablets. In her words, after ten years of hard work, she finally got her current slim figure. But after seeing the doctor a few days ago, what made her no longer happy was that the doctor warned her: If you continue to reduce it like this, you may get cancer.

Blacklist 4: Expert Comment: Disrupting the metabolic balance is "uneconomical"

The Weight loss method of one fruit + a handful of pills does work, but whether it is "cost-effective" or not, you have to think twice, because it will disrupt the body's overall metabolic balance. To lose weight through diet, most of the water is lost. Some nutrients are transported by water, and toxins in the body are also taken away by water. If the human body loses too much water, many parts of the body will be damaged. Losing weight is a gradual process, it is best to ensure low calorie intake, a balanced diet and moderate exercise.

Physical health is a priceless treasure. Without a healthy body, what is the use of losing weight. Weight loss is to ensure that the body is healthy. It is not harmful to health, but also to lose weight. Among the above diet weight loss methods, choose the one that suits you and lose weight.

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