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Three kinds of fruits that must be eaten less during weight loss

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Fruit Weight loss

Fruits have always been girls' favorites. They not only taste delicious, but also help women maintain their health, beauty and body shape. However, the types of fruits are different, the nutrients and calories contained are also different, and the changes in the body after eating are also completely different.

In fact, there are many fruits that are not suitable for eating during Weight loss. It is possible that after eating, it will aggravate the accumulation of calories and the production of fat.

This time I will talk about the following three kinds of fruits, which must not be consumed during weight loss.

1. Red dates

Although red dates are rich in nutrients, they are also high-calorie fruits. 100 grams of red dates have 125 calories, which is higher than the same weight of rice.

In addition, red dates are also rich in sugar. After eating, it is easy to cause a sharp increase in blood sugar and fat accumulation, leading to obesity.

Therefore, the consumption of red dates should be reduced as much as possible during the weight loss period. Especially at night when the metabolism is slow, you must not eat red dates.

2. Durian

Durian is the king of fruits, but at the same time it is also the king of high-calorie fruits. 100 grams of durian has 147 calories, while 100 grams of rice has only 116 calories. So eating a piece of durian is much higher than eating a bowl of rice.

If you want to lose weight quickly, you must not only reduce the intake of high-calorie snacks, but also eat less high-calorie fruits to prevent the occurrence of obesity.

3. Banana

For a long time, bananas have been eaten as diet food. But in fact, bananas are also high-calorie foods. The calories of a banana is about the same as the calories of half a bowl of rice. Eating a large amount at one time can easily cause fat accumulation.

Especially at night when the amount of activity decreases and the metabolism slows down, bananas must not be used for dinner. Even if you eat bananas at other times, you should not overeat them at once, otherwise it will cause excess calories and accumulation of fat.

Although the fruit is good, you must learn to choose and eat and stay away from those high-calorie, high-sugar fruits. Especially eat these fruits less at night, otherwise it will cause excessive calorie intake and excessive sugar content, which is detrimental to weight loss and body maintenance.

If you really want to eat the above fruits, it is recommended to eat them before lunch, and not to overeat them all at once.

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