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Can fruits replace dinner to lose weight? 3 fruits to avoid

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Nowadays, many people admire fruit meal replacements, because everyone’s heart is a nutritious and beneficial thing. There are also sciences that show that eating fruits for a long time will make your skin better and keep your body in good condition, so fruit becomes It’s something you can’t put it down because of the many effects of fruit. Many people are asking whether you can use fruit for dinner. The editor reminds you that although there are many benefits, you must choose the right fruit. Next, I will give you popular science. Can I lose weight by substituting fruit for dinner? 3 fruits to avoid.

Can fruits replace dinner to lose weight? 3 fruits to avoid


Durian is known as the king of fruits. People who like it will love it, but don’t touch durian during Weight loss, because durian is a kind of high-calorie fruit. Each 100g of durian has 459 calories, which is about 8 times that of apples. In addition to calories, the fat content of durian is also very high. Anyone who knows durian knows that durian has almost no water. So even if you want to use fruit instead of dinner, don’t choose durian. This will not only help you lose weight, but it will grow. The risk of getting fat.


Although longan is a small one, it is easy to eat it and cannot control the amount. Longan is also a kind of hot fruit, which contains relatively high sugar. The important thing is that the glucose, sucrose and protein contained in longan are easy to eat. It is absorbed by the human body, so eating large amounts of longan will not only get you angry, but also risk gaining weight. Even if longan is eaten in moderation, it will not make you fat, but it should not be used as a substitute for dinner.


Everyone is familiar with watermelon. If the durian mentioned above has almost no water content, the water content of watermelon can be said to be quite high, and watermelon also has a diuretic effect, so why can't it be used as a dinner to lose weight? Because watermelon Although the water content is high, the sugar content is also very high. A 10 kg watermelon contains about 300 to 400g of sugar, which is equivalent to 6 bowls of rice. The sugar content of watermelon is easily absorbed by the body. Many people like to hug when eating watermelon. It is very difficult to control the intake of watermelon. If you are not careful, it is equivalent to eating several bowls of rice. So this is the reason why watermelon cannot be used to replace dinner to lose weight.

The above article is about using fruit instead of dinner to lose weight? 3 fruits to avoid some detailed explanations and popular science hope that everyone can understand, in fact, eating more fresh fruits can help you lose weight, but do not blindly, because some fruits are very high in calories and sugar. Eating it at night will easily accumulate fat in the body.

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