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How do girls practice butt but not thick legs

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How do girls practice butt but not thick legs

   Many people tend to make their legs thicker and thicker when they practice buttocks. So how can girls practice butt buttocks without thick legs? What are the exercise methods for buttocks without thick legs? Let's take a look!

   If you want to avoid thickening of your hips, you should pay attention to hip extension than knee extension during exercise. The knee joint is stable throughout, and the abdomen needs to be activated.

  1, hip extension is greater than knee extension

   In compound movements (such as deadlifts), if you want to stimulate the hips instead of the legs, there is a trick: the hip extension is greater than the knee extension. That is to say, it needs to be driven by hip movement, and the knee assists with the overall movement of the lower limbs.

  2, the knee joint is stable all the way

   In the process of doing exercises, in order to ensure the safety of training and maximize the training effect, the spatial position of the knees should not be changed, and there should be no forward and backward movement. To do this requires strong knee joint stability and core stability. After all, the body is a linked whole. Before you officially start training your hips, or in your daily training, you may need to add some freehand knee stability training.

  3, need to activate the abdomen

First of all, after the abdomen is exerted and the lower back muscles are tightened, like two small pieces of armor, the upper body can be kept straight (the waist is not protruding, the upper back is not arched); secondly, the abdomen is kept in a state of tension, which can reduce the lower back The load on the back muscles not only reduces the risk of injury, but also avoids compensation for the waist.

   4. Hip and hip activation before exercise

   The hip joints and hips must be activated before formal training. Ten minutes of self-weight training (such as alternate step squats with oblique backwards, leg rotation buttocks bridge, hip push squats, single-leg deadlift knee lifts, etc.) can not only help you activate your iliac joints and hips, but also warm up and give your muscles a demand Signal to start work. After awakening the perception of the hips, it is possible to better and more profoundly stimulate the part of the force: the hips.

   5. The rhythm of the action should be flexible

If you want to lift your hips without thick legs, you must deepen the hip force action mode. When the action is not well mastered, the knee flexion and extension will be unconsciously larger than the hip. The hip muscles are originally dominated by the force but become Strengthen the quadriceps. In order to allow myself to better control the movement and find the place where the force is exerted, I usually deliberately slow down the rhythm of the first 7-8 movements, use 3 seconds for centrifugation and 2 seconds for centripetal, which is summarized as 3-2; After finding the sensation or when you feel that you can grasp the action well, use a 3-1 rhythm; add a few fast half-course exercises when you are about to exhaustion. This group is down to ensure the sourness.

   6. It is not appropriate to choose excessive weight

   It is said that heavier weight can stimulate the muscles better, yes, but that is for the top masters who can master the movements. Before you learn to move, you must use the weight you can control. CMers, let's not practice powerlifting, there is no need to punch that number.

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