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What is the reason for the meaty ass

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What is the reason for the meaty ass

   A lot of meat in the butt will make the lower body fat, so when there is a lot of meat in the butt, you will start to lose weight. Let’s take a look at the reason for the meat in the butt. How to lose fat on the butt?

  The reason for the fleshy buttocks may be due to long time sitting, high calorie diet, estrogen disorders, cold buttocks and other reasons.

   sit for a long time

   Sitting for a long time causes more and more buttocks. When sitting, the weight of the body is placed on the buttocks, and the excess fat is also easy to deposit on the buttocks. Coupled with the fact that sitting body consumes less calories, it is easy to get fat.

   Diet is too high in calories

   If you eat too much calories for a long time, the excess calories cannot be consumed and converted into fat accumulation in the body. When sitting for a long time, fat accumulates in the buttocks.

   estrogen disorder

   More buttocks in female friends may be related to estrogen disorders. For example, irregular diet, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, etc. can cause estrogen disorders, which can easily lead to accumulation of fat in the buttocks, legs, waist and abdomen.

   cold buttocks

   A cold in the buttocks will cause the heat in the body to rise, and the cold air mass will stay in the lower body, so that the body circulation becomes worse, and the legs and buttocks of the lower body are prone to become fat and fleshy.

   stilt Erlang's legs

   I often lift my legs, the blood and lymph circulation in the legs are blocked, which not only causes swelling of the legs, but also causes more and more fat in the buttocks.

  How to lose fat on your butt

   Action 1: Lie on your side on a yoga mat, flex your left arm on the side, prop up your right hand on the back of your head, bend your knees together, tighten your abdomen, and then open your right leg upwards (pictured). When finished, switch to the other side to continue.

   Action 2: Lie on the yoga mat, elbow side support, right hand behind the head, legs bend knees together, tighten the abdomen, open the right leg, and then straighten it up. After completion, switch to the other side to continue.

Action 3: Lie on the yoga mat on your side, with your left hand bent on the elbow on the yoga mat, your right hand on the hip, your legs together and straight, tighten your abdomen, make your right leg swing up and down, and then switch to the other side. Go on, pay attention, don't touch the ground when the legs are down.

Action 4: Lie flat on a yoga mat, bend your knees together, exert force on your abdomen, raise your hips and waist, and press your toes on the ground, head and shoulders close to the ground, separate your legs, bring them together, and then Put your hips down and do this repeatedly.

   Action 5: Lie on the yoga mat, hold your hands in front of you, bend your knees, try to separate your thighs, put your calves back, tighten your abdomen, and hold for 5 seconds.

Action 6: Lie flat on the yoga mat, put your hands behind your head, keep your upper body straight, exert your abdomen, raise your legs up to 90 degrees, and then make your legs open and close together. Note that the flexibility is not enough A good girl, when doing the movement of opening the legs, the movement must be slow to avoid strain.

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