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How to eat fruit to help lose weight

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People often ask: Can eating fruit help people lose weight? In fact, this topic is a bit big, and the research results are more complicated. Fruit may help you lose weight, but it depends on how you eat it.

Situation 1

Replace 1/3 of the rice with fruit and eat more meat

If we eat fruit when we eat again, use it to replace 1/3 of the rice, and eat two more bites of meat at the same time, then eating fruit will help lose weight. Because fruits contain ingredients that inhibit the activity of amylase, the digestion speed is slower than that of rice, the blood sugar index is lower than that of rice, and the insulin response is smaller, which helps reduce fat synthesis and promote fat mobilization.

Situation 2

Replace one meal with fruit every day, such as dinner

Some people's Weight loss strategies are: eat more breakfast and lunch, replace with fruit for dinner, and avoid staple foods and various dishes. This method can be used by young people with strong muscles for a short time and can get a certain Weight loss effect, but it is not suitable for middle-aged and infirm people, nor is it suitable for people with malnutrition, anemia, edema, and indigestion.

Because only eating fruits for dinner, protein intake will be greatly reduced, which will lead to insufficient protein supply and muscle loss, resulting in a decrease in metabolic rate and a decrease in blood sugar control ability. Even eating fish, egg and milk in the morning and noon can not change this situation. Middle-aged and elderly people with infirmity and indigestion have reduced metabolic rate and insufficient muscles. If they do not eat protein at night and lack of nutrition supply, it will worsen the situation and damage their physique.

If you are young and have good digestion ability and have to eat fruit for dinner, it is recommended to add a large cup of yogurt in addition to the fruit, and it is best to add a spoonful of protein powder to avoid protein deficiency. Girls should also remember to eat two or two meats at noon to avoid anemia.

Situation 3

Replace three meals with fruits, and rely on fruits to sustain life for a few days or even longer

At the beginning of replacing three meals with fruits, you will notice a significant weight loss in one or two days. This is because the body's sodium intake is significantly reduced, and the fruit has a diuretic effect, which causes the body to excrete water. It is not true fat. A lot of decomposition.

However, the protein content in the fruit is too low, the iron, zinc and other elements are seriously insufficient, and the B vitamins are not enough. Over time, it will cause serious malnutrition. Even if you are still young, the diet method of eating only fruit for one or even three meals will make your body soft, afraid of cold, yellowish face, fatigue easily, poor digestion, irregular menstruation and even body swelling. Once this method is stopped, protein is restored, and a normal diet is provided, the rebound will be very serious.

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