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Recommend a week of apple weight loss

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Many lazy people don't want to lose weight through exercise, thinking that exercise is too tired; they want to lose weight by restricting their diet. Then try the apple Weight loss method recommended by the editor today, which is very suitable for lazy people. This time, I recommend a week apple Weight loss method, which can quickly lose weight in only one week. Apples are rich in nutrition, regular consumption can not only beautify, lose weight, but also completely detoxify the body. In this season when a large number of apples are on the market, use the freshest apples for a weight loss and detox journey.

Instructions before weight loss:

1. Follow the recipe exactly, otherwise the results will be very different.

2. Drink plenty of water during weight loss, especially when you feel hungry.

3. Slow down your diet. Although you eat less, eat slowly.

4. Dinner ends before 19 o'clock.

5. If there is any physical discomfort during weight loss, please end weight loss immediately.

One week apple weight loss method:

Breakfast: a small bowl of skim milk oatmeal + one apple + a small bowl of vegetables

Lunch: a small bowl of millet, brown rice porridge + a hard-boiled egg + a plate of vegetables

Dinner: two apples + one egg white

Intermittent Food: Apple

Ways to relieve appetite during weight loss:

1. Stay away from the circle of friends and food introductions about food.

2. Don't stock up any food.

3. Use mint-flavored toothpaste.

4. Drink warm water often.

5. Relax and motivate yourself with successful cases of weight loss.

The pectin in apples is soluble fiber, which can promote cholesterol metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, and promote fat excretion. Fibrous matter helps excretion; it also has astringent effect on diarrhea. With apples as the staple food, the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines can recuperate because of the reduced food intake. During the apple weight loss method, if you drink "Longhe Camellia" together, you can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

How many apples are appropriate to eat?

The problem is simple. I decide for myself. The charm of apples to lose weight is that apples are low-calorie fruits, rich in various essential vitamins, and can regulate human body functions. No amount of apples eaten every day contains fewer calories than meals. Moreover, when you eat apples, you will be full. If your physical strength does not decline, you will naturally not feel hungry, and naturally you will not eat apples desperately. What's more, people feel hungry because they need to trigger the nerve center in the body to produce appetite. When there is no such demand in the body, there will be no hunger.

In short, a week’s weight loss with apples will allow you to meet a slenderer version of yourself. Weight loss with apples is equivalent to cleaning up the body’s digestive system. If you are really fat, it is impossible to restore your body after one apple weight loss. It's best to do it once every two months until you have reduced your ideal weight. Give it a try!

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