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5 fruits for weight loss, the more you eat, the thinner you eat

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Eat fruits every day, you know several kinds of fruits that are thinner and thinner. Recommend five fruits that can lose weight and reduce fat, and eat them for a good body.


Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, which is several times that of lemon. Not only can it enhance immunity, it can also promote metabolism and beautiful skin. In addition, kiwi fruit is also rich in soluble dietary fiber, which has the effect of increasing the rate of fat decomposition and avoiding the accumulation of fat in the lower body.

2. Papaya

The pectin in papaya is a high-quality intestinal cleanser, which can not only promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also absorb excess fat on the intestinal wall.

Papaya can especially remove fat from the lower body, and the effect of thin thighs is remarkable.

3. Tomato

The lycopene in tomato has anti-aging, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet effects, which can not only delay aging but also whiten the skin.

In addition, lycopene also has the effect of eliminating swelling, which is very helpful to improve circulation and metabolism.

4. Apple

The pectin in apples can improve the intestinal environment, promote digestion and excretion, relieve constipation and detoxification.

In addition, apples also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are also very helpful to circulation and improve metabolism.


Cherries are rich in vitamin C, which can improve metabolism and enhance immunity.

In addition, cherries are rich in iron, which can not only make the complexion ruddy and shiny, but also promote blood circulation and increase the speed of metabolism.

Eat more fruits that are helpful for Weight loss, and fat can be eliminated quickly.

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