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Fast weight loss by eating dragon fruit

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Fruits have the effect of Weight loss, such as dragon fruit, which is not only rich in nutrients and satisfies people's appetites, but also makes body fat nowhere to hide, achieving the goal of reducing fat and slimming. However, the dragon fruit Weight loss method is not simply to eat dragon fruit as everyone knows, but it needs to be matched with other foods so that the dragon fruit weight loss method can achieve the maximum weight loss effect. The editor below introduces four super magical dragon fruit weight loss methods, let’s take a look.

The nutritional value of dragon fruit

Fresh dragon fruit is natural and refreshing. It can enhance the body's metabolism, and the increased metabolism can speed up the effect of weight loss. Dragon fruit contains high cellulose, cellulose is a necessary magic weapon for weight loss, because it can cause satiety. Another reason why dragon fruit can lose weight is its "intestinal regulation" effect.

Eating dragon fruit can effectively "moisturize the intestines" and "smooth the intestines". Increase intestinal motility and excrete all the garbage in the body. In addition, the carotene in dragon fruit is an anti-oxidant expert, which can strengthen various functions of the body, help the body improve metabolism, and effectively enhance the effect of weight loss.

The magic dragon fruit weight loss method is healthy and effective

Dragon fruit weight loss method one, dragon fruit juice

Material: 1 dragon fruit. Method: Peel the dragon fruit and cut into pieces, then put it in a juicer, add an appropriate amount of water and squeeze it into a delicious dragon fruit juice. You can drink it for breakfast or when you feel hungry at work. This dragon fruit weight loss method is very low in calories, not only can supplement nutrition for the body, but also play a role in losing weight, effectively reducing appetite and fat, and it is a very recommended slimming drink.

Pitaya Weight Loss Method 2: Pitaya Shrimp

Ingredients: a dragon fruit, fresh shrimp, edible oil, egg white, starch, celery, shallots and a small amount of monosodium glutamate and salt.

Method: Peel the shrimp into a bowl and marinate with salt for a while, then remove it and put it in the prepared egg white, add a little starch, and stir clockwise for a while, and finally pour a little edible oil and stir gently. Next, spare. Next, pour a little cooking oil into the pot and heat it up, quickly pour the shrimp meat into the pot and stir fry a few times to get out of the pot. Heat the oil again, then stir the prepared celery sticks, dragon fruit cubes and a little chopped green onion in the pan twice, and then stir the shrimp meat again in the pan. This kind of dragon fruit weight loss method is very popular, because it not only tastes delicious, but more importantly, it is also very low in calories.

Dragon fruit weight loss method three, dragon fruit glutinous rice cake

Ingredients: prepare a dragon fruit, a small amount of ebony, cucumber, honey and glutinous rice cake.

Method: First take out the dragon fruit flesh and cut into pieces, then take out the ebony flesh, and then put the cucumber chunks, glutinous rice cakes, and the dragon fruit pieces and ebony flesh that have just been prepared into the pitaya shells, and add an appropriate amount according to your own taste The honey will make this dragon fruit glutinous rice cake with good weight loss effect. This is a very popular dragon fruit diet dessert.

Dragon fruit weight loss method four, dragon fruit yellow peach sago

Ingredients: dragon fruit, yellow peach, sago dew.

Method: 1. Cut the dragon fruit in half from the middle, dig out the pulp inside with a ball digger, and use the shell to make a bowl; 2. Cut the yellow peach into small pieces, boil the sago, and pass twice in the middle Cold water, the sago cooked in this way tastes more Q; 3. Put the dragon fruit pulp, yellow peach material and cooked sago into the pitaya shell, add sugar water or coconut milk, or add honey to adjust the sugar water. .

Reminder: Pitaya can be divided into three categories: white pitaya-purple red skin and white flesh, with small black seeds distributed in it, fresh food quality is average; red pitaya-red skin and red meat, fresh food quality is better; yellow pitaya Fruit-yellow skin and white flesh, the best fresh food quality. Pitaya is rich in minerals, it is also rich in anthocyanins and water-soluble dietary fiber. Among them, anthocyanins have antioxidant effect, and the plant protein contained in it also has the function of detoxification of heavy metals. The energy of each 100g of dragon fruit pulp is 60 kcal. , Slightly higher than apples, the vitamin C content is 3 times that of apples.

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