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What to eat at night to lose weight

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MM in Weight loss all have such troubles, whether to eat dinner or not? I am afraid of gaining weight if I eat, and I feel hungry if I do not eat. What can I eat to lose weight at night? Let me share with you how to eat a Weight loss dinner.

What to eat for dinner can lose weight and not be hungry!
Dinner contains only a small amount of carbon water, and mostly fruits and vegetables, a small amount of high-quality fat, high-fiber ingredients to supplement nutrition and enhance satiety, in order to achieve the goal of losing weight and filling the stomach.
For ordinary women, coarse grains (50 grams) + 200g vegetables (or apples, pears) + 50-80g meat, dinner will not be fat and full.
Eat whole grains for dinner to lose weight and not be hungry!
The staple foods of coarse grains you can choose are: sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, taro, corn, oatmeal and so on. For women with low activity levels, about 50 grams of coarse grain staple food is enough. If the body is tired during the day, you can add dozens of grams of coarse grain staple food appropriately.
Many people think that weight loss means not eating staple food at night. However, not eating staple food for weight loss dinner will make you feel that dinner is completely unable to fill your stomach, and you will feel very hungry when you fall asleep the same day or early the next morning. Therefore, it is best to eat a little coarse grain staple food at night, because the soluble fiber in the coarse grain staple food will increase in volume after absorbing water, thereby producing a feeling of fullness and reducing energy intake, which is very helpful for weight loss.
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Eating meat for dinner can lose weight and not be hungry!
The meats you can eat for weight loss dinner are: chicken breast, fish, shrimp, beef, and egg protein and soy products also contain sufficient protein. It can also meet nutritional needs during dinner. These foods provide strong satiety. Abdominal feeling will not cause weight gain. For an average person’s weight loss dinner, a protein intake of 1.5-2 g/kg/day can be used as the standard.
To lose weight at night is to not eat meat? This is another one-sided weight loss thinking of many people. To lose weight, you must ensure adequate protein, because protein is the nourishment for muscles, and the higher the human muscle content, the faster the metabolism. Ensure that there is enough protein to lose weight effectively. However, meat made by frying with high fat content is best not to eat.
Eat enough vegetables for dinner to lose weight and not be hungry!
This point does not need to be explained too much. Everyone knows that vegetables are not high in calories and can supplement a lot of vitamins and fiber. Eat more vegetables to adjust your body shape. For dinner, you can choose vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, bean sprouts, spinach, etc. As long as the seasoning is slightly reduced, it is very in line with the requirements of a diet meal.
Eat vegetables for weight loss dinner, you can eat all you can eat! Just pay attention to a reasonable match with the staple food of whole grains and meat.
No fruit meal replacement for dinner!
For dinner, you can eat fruits with low glycemic index such as apples, pears, and grapefruit. But it is not possible to substitute fruit for meal for dinner. Only eating fruits for dinner can easily lead to malnutrition, lack of vitality, and even irregular menstruation. Don't mistakenly think that eating fruit can help you lose weight. In fact, the fructose content in fruit is not low, which may cause excess sugar, affect weight loss and make you hungry.

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