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How to lose the meat on the arm

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How to lose the meat on the arm

   Everyone rarely pays attention to the meat on the arm, but the thick meat on the arm has a great impact on the appearance. How can the arm be reduced if you want to wear a beautiful sleeveless? How can the meat on the arm be reduced? Let's take a look with the editor!

   How to lose weight quickly. The health gymnastics method is: palm out, fingers crossed, and raised to the head. The original pose puts down the hand, stretches it forward, with the back of the hand inside, bending the wrist backward. This is an exercise that uses judo joints. The amount of activity is not large, and there is no time and place restrictions.

   When raising your hands to your head, your upper body should be extended greatly. When you stretch your hands forward, your elbows should not be bent. Use the exercises of straightening your wrists and elbows to eliminate fat, and train your soft fingers and wrists.

   1. The palms are turned outwards, and the fingers are raised to the end.

  2. Keep the gesture forward, keep the back of the hand in, and bend the wrist.

  3. This action is repeated 3 to 4 times for 20 seconds at a time. Secret: Never bend your elbows.

   4. When doing movements, the upper body should be greatly straightened. Bend your wrist until it hurts. Effect: It can make the arm thinner and softer, and eliminate the fatigue of the arm. Promote blood circulation.

  How to thin your arms is the fastest and most effective

  Warm-up exercises and aerobics: Tools: 500ml mineral water bottle, filled with cold water (make sure that the two have the same amount). Action 1: Raise both arms horizontally at the same time and put them down for one second, do 20 movements 2: Raise both arms forward at the same time and keep horizontal and put them down for one second, do 20 movements 1+action 2 alternately as a set, persist every day 5 groups are enough.

   Back reduction exercise: Action 1: Move the left hand from the shoulder to the back, and the right hand from the bottom up to the back. Hold both hands tightly on the back and hold for 10 seconds. Action 2: Action 1 can be reversed and hold for 10 seconds. Action 1+action 2 are performed alternately, 10 groups a day, 5 groups in the morning and 5 groups in the evening.

  Simple practice method

Practice method: 1. Sit down, straighten your legs forward, bend your feet, support your body with your hands, palms forward, and pull your body into a straight line; 2. Try to lift your buttocks and straighten your arms as much as possible Press your feet to the ground; 3. Try your best to reach the ceiling with your chest, and feel that your legs and hips have become very tight. Hold this position for 5 seconds and breathe deeply.

Practice method: 1. Sit on the floor, straighten your two legs forward, bend your right leg, tighten your buttocks as much as possible, and make your right ankle close to the base of your left leg; 2. Go around your right knee with your right hand, and try to be behind your left palm. Grab, use the strength of your abdomen and waist, and take a deep breath; 3. Try to keep your body as straight as possible, don’t bend it, and practice on the other side after a while.

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