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How to lose weight in three days apple diet

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The three-day apple Weight loss method can be described as one of the most popular weight loss methods on the Internet. It not only works quickly, but also helps detoxify the intestines. However, professional nutritionists have discovered that this three-day apple weight loss method has a great disadvantage, that is, there are health risks. If you want to lose weight more safely and efficiently, you need to improve the three-day apple weight loss method. Let's take a look at the new and improved version of the three-day apple weight loss method introduced by the editor below.

Three-day apple weight loss legal person loves not to neglect the meal diet is the key

Speaking of apples, many people must have heard of the three-day apple weight loss method that you can lose weight by eating apples for three meals a day. The specific operation of the weight loss method is: eat only apples every day during the weight loss period, and you can eat according to people's eating habits in the morning, noon, and night, or eat as soon as you are hungry, until you are full. No other food can be eaten within 3 days. If you feel thirsty, drink plain water and some non-irritating tea. In short, you should not eat casually during weight loss to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

However, although apples are rich in nutrition, using a single diet to lose weight is very likely to cause imbalanced nutrition in the body. If things go on like this, symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting may even occur.

The new and improved three-day apple weight loss method is healthier, easy to lose weight

Improved three-day apple weight loss preparation period (first three days)

This phase of the three-day apple weight loss method first focuses on getting rid of bad eating habits. It is forbidden to eat foods such as fried and deep-fried. You should also keep a distance from snacks such as candied fruit and canned food. The three-meal diet should be as light as possible, following the three principles of "less oil, less salt, and less sugar." Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to gradually reducing food intake. On the first day, reduce to seven points full; on the second day, reduce to six points full; on the third day, eat a five-point full. In addition, please use "Houttuynia cordata tea" as a beverage for these three days, and drink at least 2000c.c. per day. For those with weak and cold physique, 15 red dates can be added when preparing.

Finally, it is recommended that you dry brush your body with loofah (soft soaked in water) every day before taking a bath to help blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, activate subcutaneous cells and increase resistance. Wake up in the morning to scrape the tongue coating (put out your tongue and gently scrape off the white sticky substance with a spoon). Also, exercise frequently to make the body sweat so that the toxins in the body can be excreted through the sweat glands.

The modified version of the three-day apple weight loss method begins (the middle three days)

1. Take apple as the main food. Three meals should be based on fiber-rich, high-vitamin apples as the main food, eat about 2 to 3 apples per meal, about 5 to 7 apples per day. It is recommended that you eat different kinds of apples every day: firstly, you can change the taste; secondly, it can help to take in more diversified nutrition. Except for apples, do not eat any food. The drink is the same as the previous stage, only "Houttuynia cordata tea" can be consumed, and the daily drinking amount should also be maintained above 2000c.c.

2. At this stage, you should still brush your body dry to promote blood circulation; you still have to scrape your tongue every day when you get up; the habit of exercise should not be interrupted. Remind you, don't change your daily life and rest because of the reduced food intake and weaker physical strength. You should still go to bed and get up early every day. If you have a tendency to have poor excretion due to less eating, you can drink slimming burdock juice to help smooth bowel movements. If you can't stop the diarrhea after drinking, use old ginger to cook hot soup, take two towels and soak in the hot ginger soup, wring out and alternately heat the lower abdomen while it is hot to stop diarrhea.

Improved version of the three-day apple weight loss method, re-feeding period (the last three days)

Two hours before breakfast, drink two tablespoons of olive oil with 250c.c. plain water to clean the intestines again. Re-feeding should be chewed slowly, and the food intake should be gradually increased. Do not overeating. Five points full on the first day, six points full on the second day, and seven points full on the third day. For these three days, we should focus on soft foods and finer fiber foods. We recommend orange papaya puree, brown rice soup, and vegetable puree rich in natural enzymes.

For the first meal of the re-eating meal, you can eat orange papaya puree, which is eaten every three hours; the second meal is brown rice soup; the third meal is total vegetable puree; the fourth meal is brown rice porridge or oatmeal. Eat small and frequent meals at first, and then gradually return to normal. Also maintain the habit of dry brushing, tongue scraping, and sweating exercises every day. In particular, I want to remind you that the three-day apple weight loss method is not a small project and requires sufficient physical strength. If you want to do the three-day apple weight loss method again, you must wait for a full 30 days after the re-eating, so that your body can be fully supplemented with nutrients, and it is safer to do it a second time.

After reading the new and improved three-day apple weight loss method introduced by the editor, do you all know how to lose weight safely and efficiently? The most important thing to lose weight is health. Although the normal version of the three-day apple diet circulated on the Internet also has a good weight-loss effect, it is extremely harmful to the body and therefore undesirable. The new and improved three-day apple weight loss method introduced by the editor is not only efficient, but also safe. MMs don’t hesitate to start losing weight!

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