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Weight loss exercise meal suitable weight loss recipes

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Nowadays, many people are thinking about losing weight, especially the hot summer is the ideal season for many women to show off their bodies. In order to effectively lose fat, you must master dietary methods in addition to scientific exercise. Today, the editor mainly introduces the Weight loss exercise meal, what is the appropriate Weight loss recipe, and I hope it can help you.

Weight loss recipe breakfast one: nutritious salted bean curd

Ingredients: a box of super soft tofu, green onion, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, wakame, fried pine nuts, coriander.


1. Soak the wakame and cut into small pieces, mince and dice other ingredients.

2. Boil the soft tofu in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

3. Heat the pan with little oil, sauté the chopped green onion, ginger, garlic, add other ingredients and fry for half a minute, add appropriate amount of light soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar to taste.

4. Cut the cooked tofu into thin pieces and place it in a bowl, top with Ingredient 3, and add pine nuts, chili oil, and chopped cilantro if you like. Mix before eating.

Weight loss recipe breakfast two: croutons salad

Ingredients: 1 slice of whole wheat toast, appropriate amount of butter, minced garlic, 1 hard-boiled egg, random amount of chopped almonds, 6-7 small tomatoes, 2 vegetable leaves, and half a cucumber.


1. 2 lettuce leaves, 6 small tomatoes, 1 egg, 1 small section of celery, 1 small section of cucumber. If you care about tomatoes and cucumbers, you can choose one of them. Wash the vegetables and tear them into small pieces, slice cucumbers, and small tomatoes. Cut celery in half and thick slices.

2. The eggs are cooked, celery is hot, and the eggs are cooked and cut into small pieces.

3. Two slices of toast. If there is butter in the refrigerator, take a small piece and melt it at room temperature, then cut a little bit of minced garlic and mix it in. Spread a layer on the bread slice, preheat the oven to 200 degrees, put the bread slice and bake for about For 8-10 minutes, it is the same if you switch to baking in a pan. Finally, just cut into small dices.

4. Take a large bowl, add shredded lettuce leaves, small tomatoes, cucumber slices, chopped eggs, celery segments, diced shrimps, add a little salt, freshly ground black pepper, olive oil, and finally squeeze it on Mix half a lemon juice and sprinkle with toasted diced garlic toast, then sprinkle some small almonds.

Chinese Food for Weight Loss Recipe: Pasta with Mushrooms and Spinach

Ingredients: 100 grams of three-color spiral noodles, 100 grams of mushrooms, 100 grams of spinach, 50 grams of sliced ​​ham, half an onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 100 grams of light cream, 2 grams of salt, and 2 grams of white pepper.


1. Put enough water in the pot to boil, add 5 grams of salt and a few drops of olive oil, put in the three-color spiral noodles, cook according to the time indicated on the packaging bag, remove the filtered water and set aside.

2. Cut the onion, garlic, and ham slices into fine pieces, slice the mushrooms and spinach into sections.

3. After heating the pan, add olive oil, add onion and minced garlic when the oil is warm and fry until fragrant, then pour in mushrooms and fry until soft.

4. Pour whipped cream, then add appropriate amount of water to boil.

5. Add three-color spiral noodles and spinach, season with salt, stir fry for 1 minute, sprinkle in ground ham and white pepper, mix well.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a deeper understanding of the weight loss exercise meal and the appropriate weight loss recipe. From the above introduction, we can see that the weight loss meal is based on the control of total calories, according to personal physical condition and personal diet. Hobbies, to match a reasonable diet

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