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Healthy weight loss recipes, just eat these for weight loss

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For fat people, what to eat will always cause headaches, because if you do not eat, you will be hungry, but if you eat, you are afraid that you will grow meat. Therefore, the problem of eating is very troublesome to everyone. In fact, as long as the diet is right, it is fine. Let me introduce you to Healthy weight loss recipes. Let’s take a look at what you can eat for Weight loss!

Healthy weight loss recipes, just eat these for weight loss

Weight loss recipe 1: Red bean and winter melon soup

Ingredients: winter melon, red beans


⑴ First, wash and soak the red beans for 5 hours, then wash and peel the winter melon, and cut into pieces;

⑵Because the red beans are hard, add water to the pot and bring to a boil, put the red beans first, and boil the red beans until they are half cooked;

⑶ Then put the winter melon cubes in the pot, cook on medium heat until the winter melon becomes transparent, and finally add salt to season it to serve.

Efficacy: Winter melon is extremely low in calories and is a good vegetable for weight loss in summer. Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals. They can nourish blood and reduce edema, and help lose weight.

Summer healthy weight loss recipes oatmeal with fresh fruit

Weight Loss Recipe 2: Fresh Fruit Oatmeal

Ingredients: kiwi, banana, apple, oats, cherries, and fresh milk, as well as raisins

⑴ Wash all fruits first, and peel the ones that need to be peeled, then cut into cubes;

⑵ Add water to the pot, pour the oatmeal into the boil, cook for about 3 minutes;

⑶ After cooking, put it in a bowl, put the diced fruit prepared before, and then pour fresh milk and sprinkle with raisins.

Efficacy: This weight loss recipe can not only help weight loss but also has beauty effects. Moreover, oatmeal is low in calories, plus a variety of fruits, rich in nutrients included, especially suitable for breakfast.

Weight Loss Recipe 3: Tofu mixed with mustard greens

Ingredients: tofu, mustard greens, sesame oil, ginger


⑴First rinse the tofu gently, then cut into cubes, blanch it with boiling water and remove it for later use;

⑵ Then blanch the shepherd's purse with boiling water, cool and cut into fine powder, wash the ginger and mince;

⑶ Sprinkle the shepherd's purse on the tofu, then add salt, monosodium glutamate, and ginger, mix thoroughly, and finally sprinkle with sesame oil.

Efficacy: Shepherd's purse has the effect of cooling the liver and stopping bleeding, which can remove excess water from the body, and is especially suitable for obese people with edema. In addition, shepherd's purse is also helpful for controlling high blood pressure.

Diet is related to the question of whether you are getting fat, so everyone must work harder on diet. For babies who want to be obese, you can learn about these three diets. The above is about healthy weight loss recipes. You should eat these for weight loss. Introduce, if you are losing weight, you might as well give it a try. You must eat the right foods to lose weight, otherwise your efforts to lose weight may be wasted.

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