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What to eat can help you lose weight 3 major weight loss recipes quickly accept

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Many people stick to the belief that they won’t grow meat if they don’t eat, so many people choose to go on a diet and go hungry in order to maintain their perfect body. In fact, if you want to lose weight, you only need to give yourself a reasonable exercise and Weight loss plan. You should also develop a healthy diet plan for yourself. Eat more foods that are helpful for Weight loss. What can you eat to help you lose weight? 3 big weight loss recipes quickly accept! There are several weight loss recipes recommended for you below. If you are losing weight, come and have a look!

What to eat can help you lose weight 3 major weight loss recipes quickly accept

1. Mint vegetable salad

Ingredients: mint leaves, lettuce leaves, yogurt, corn kernels, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded three peppers, chicken diced.


(1) Wash all vegetables first, and cut cucumbers and tomatoes into pieces;

(2) Then chop the mint leaves, put them in a bowl, add yogurt, salt, and pepper and stir evenly;

(3) Put the washed lettuce leaves on the bottom of the plate, and then put a little corn kernels;

(4) Put the prepared cucumber, tomato and three pepper shreds on the plate;

(5) Put the diced chicken on a plate after frying, mix it lightly, and drizzle the yogurt sauce on top.

2. Tomato and potato shreds

Ingredients: tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, fungus, small pickled peppers, green onions.


(1) First soak the fungus until the soak is soft, and then wash the tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables;

(2) Cut potatoes into shreds, then soak them in cold water to prevent oxidation and blackening, shred the fungus, onions and green peppers, and cut the tomatoes into pieces;

(3) Heat the pot and pour the oil, add shredded green onion, tomato, and small pickled peppers and stir fry until it becomes a paste;

(4) Then put the potato shreds in, stir-fry over high heat, add fungus and green pepper shreds and fry them after 3 minutes, and then season them.

3. Pork Burdock Cake

Ingredients: burdock, pork filling, egg, ginger


(1) First, wash the burdock clean and soak it in salt water for about 10 minutes;

(2) Then shred the burdock, put it in a bowl, wash and mince the ginger;

(3) Add pork filling, an egg, pepper, starch, salt, and ginger in a bowl, and mix well;

(4) Heat the pot and put in an appropriate amount of olive oil, then put it in the pot and fry until it is golden on both sides.

After reading the weight loss recipes summarized by the editor above, do you no longer have to go hungry? In fact, if you want to lose weight and maintain your figure, you must pay attention to your own eating habits. A full meal and a hungry meal will make you more likely to grow meat. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how to exercise and what to eat. What can help you lose weight, quickly accept weight loss recipes! The above weight loss recipes, if you are interested, then quickly try it.

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