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A weight loss recipe that loses five pounds a week, you can lose weight if you stick to it

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Weight loss recipes

You can lose five catties a week if you don’t go on a diet and eat abundantly. Do not believe? Then challenge it.

on Monday:

Breakfast: one boiled egg + one apple

Lunch: celery chicken breast + brown rice

Dinner: Tomato + Broccoli + Beef in Sauce

on Tuesday:

Breakfast: one boiled egg + half a dragon fruit

Lunch: corn + tuna vegetable salad

Dinner: sweet potato + cabbage tofu soup

on Wednesday:

Breakfast: one boiled egg + one bowl of oatmeal

Lunch: spring onion + cabbage + steak

Dinner: Tomato Spinach Egg Soup + Corn


Breakfast: one boiled egg + one banana

Lunch: a bowl of chicken breast and mushroom multigrain porridge + an apple

Dinner: cucumber + tomato + sweet potato


Breakfast: boiled egg + one kiwi

Lunch: tomato dragon fish + brown rice

Dinner: broccoli + fungus + boiled egg one

on Saturday:

Breakfast: boiled egg + apple

Lunch: Soba noodles with cabbage in vegetarian soup

Dinner: boiled shrimp + cucumber


Breakfast: boiled egg + oatmeal

Lunch: tomato beef + brown rice

Dinner: cucumber + nuts

Recipe notes:

1. Eat up to three boiled eggs a day.

2. The amount of staple food cannot exceed the size of your fist.

3. The amount of protein food cannot exceed the size of your palm. (Protein food refers to beef, chicken breast, fish, shrimp, etc.)

4. Only the most basic seasonings can be used in vegetable salads or other dishes, and do not use high-additive sauces.

5. Eat vegetables first and staple food last.

Weight loss requirements:

1. The food in the above diet recipes can be replaced in the same category.

2. The daily diet should ensure that breakfast and lunch are seven to eight points full, and dinner is five to six points full.

3. Please do not assert whether it is easy to use or not before you start to lose weight. The beginning of Weight loss is not questioning, but the determination to dare to act.

4. Don't be too patient with hunger during weight loss, you can drink some warm water or eat some cucumbers and tomatoes to relieve it.

5. Try to ensure that you do not eat anything for three hours before going to bed.

6. Except for the types of foods that appear in the recipes, other types of foods are not allowed, such as snacks, desserts, etc. must not be eaten.

7. You can't drink or drink during the weight loss period, but you should always drink warm water or warm tea.

Losing weight is a process, and it is impossible to have a significant effect in a day. Please earnestly follow the weight loss recipe for a week, and you will be so thin that you scream.

Healthy weight loss

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