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How to eat breakfast to lose weight

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There are also skills in eating breakfast. How to eat breakfast to lose weight

How to eat breakfast to lose weight

1. Drink a cup of black coffee before breakfast

American scientists have found that drinking a cup of black coffee 30 minutes before breakfast can not only help you effectively control your appetite, it will make you feel full after only 75% of the previous food, and it can also speed up the fat burning rate by 5%. This should be attributed to the thermogenic substance xanthine contained in coffee.

2. Supplement 300 mg of calcium

Supplementing 300 mg of calcium for breakfast is roughly equivalent to 300 ml of milk, which is a good way to speed up fat burning. The latest research shows that women who eat in this way can lose 22% more weight than women who do not consume calcium.

3. Replace refined staple foods with whole grains

Say goodbye to staple foods such as white rice porridge, milk toast, and steamed buns. Replace with oatmeal, multigrain porridge, whole wheat bread, yams, sweet potatoes, etc. These complex carbohydrates can be quickly converted into energy for the body and brain. Can provide a continuous feeling of fullness, so that you will not have the urge to forage midway.

4. Replenish high-quality protein in time

High-quality protein can prevent overeating. Eggs, milk, and soy milk are all good. High-quality protein can help delay the emptying rate of the stomach and maintain the stability of blood sugar. It can prevent overeating due to blood sugar fluctuations, and it can also reduce the risk of overeating during lunch. Interest in high-fat and high-sugar foods.

5. Use jam instead of butter

For breakfast, spreading butter, hazelnut chocolate sauce (31% fat) or peanut butter (53% fat) on bread are all "fat bombs" that make you fat. May wish to change the taste and use apricot jam, plum jam, and blueberry jam instead.

If you want to be uplifted, these 4 foods must not appear in your breakfast menu:

1. White bread, white rice porridge. A high glycemic index will make you feel tired and lazy throughout the morning.

2. Fried food. Greasy food requires more energy to consume, and it is easy to make people's emotions changeable.

3. Sausage. It is made of lard, subcutaneous fat and 40% of the total meat skin, and various food additives "help elbows to abuse" help them deceive our eyes.

4. French fries. It is definitely a poison to the body, especially those French fries made with mashed potatoes. It is basically a mixture of carbohydrates, fats and artificial food additives.

The most important thing every day is this golden time in the morning. In addition to having a good memory in the morning, the effect of losing weight in the morning is also very good, so breakfast must not be neglected, so how can I lose weight by eating breakfast? There are also skills in eating breakfast. How can I lose weight if I eat breakfast? The above is a summary of the editor for everyone on how to eat for breakfast to achieve effective Weight loss. The above breakfast precautions must be kept in mind!

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