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How to reduce the meat on the inside of the arm

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How to reduce the meat on the inside of the arm

   The inside of the arm is a place where fat is easy to accumulate. How can the meat on the inside of the arm be reduced? How to reduce the fat on the inner arm of the arm most effectively? The following is the relevant information and materials collected and organized by the editor, let's take a look at it!

   1. Sit down, straighten your legs forward, bend your feet, support your body with your hands, and pull your palms forward to draw your body into a straight line;

  2. Try to raise the hips, and at the same time straighten your arms, press your feet to the ground as much as possible;

   3. Try your best to reach the ceiling with your chest, and feel that your legs and hips have become very tight. Hold this position for 5 seconds and breathe deeply.

  How to lose fat on the inner arm

   Stand with your feet together, spread your hands to both sides and press down on your shoulders. Rotate your arms back as much as possible. At this time, you will feel muscle soreness. It’s okay. Keep it for one minute and do 10 sets. You can increase them one by one later. (This is for reducing the arm)

   Big breasts is not necessarily good-refers to girls, boys are for sure! Stand with your feet together, raise your hands flat in front of you, with your arms at shoulder height, palms up, and bend your shoulders 90 degrees downwards.

   Make a strong fist with the palm of the hand, and instantly open it to both sides into a "mountain" shape. At this time, the hand should be held at 90 degrees in one set of 10 times, each time doing 2 to 3 sets.

   Ways to reduce arm fat

  1. Cross your hands and push forward until your arms are completely straight, palms forward, and stay still for 2-3 seconds. Rotate with both hands to retract. The purpose is to exercise the inner arm to make it strong. (10-20 times)

  2. Fold your hands behind your head, straighten your arms up, palms up, hold for 2-3 seconds, relax and retract. It is very effective for improving the slack of the inner arm. (5-10 times).

  3. Tension your arms, place one hand on the other side of the shoulder and press it down vertically, and push up with the pressed shoulder forcefully. (3-4 times for left and right, 5 times in total)

  4. Extend your arms forward, palms down, and your arm muscles are tight. At the same time, rotate your arms outwards until your palms face up and gradually open to both sides. This set of movements helps to exercise the upper arm and make it symmetrical. (15-20 times)

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