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Cabbage weight loss recipe allows you to easily lose meat, no problem

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Cabbage has high nutritional value. People who like to eat cabbage not only because of its high nutritional value, but also like to taste its taste. If I tell you that cabbage can also help you lose weight, would you like it more? Cabbage loses weight because cabbage contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that can prevent excessive absorption of nutrients. And the calories are particularly low, it can also increase satiety and suppress your appetite. Not much to say, the cabbage Weight loss recipe makes it easy for you to lose meat. Let’s take a look at the specific methods.

Cabbage Weight loss recipe allows you to easily lose meat, no problem

1. Does cabbage lose weight?

The Cabbage Slimming Method was proposed by Dr. Toshimi Yoshida of Kyoto Prefectural Medical University, Japan, and is a therapy used to counsel obese patients. Dr. Yoshida has applied this therapy to more than 7,000 patients and has achieved significant results. The so-called cabbage slimming refers to the method of eating raw cabbage before eating. The sweet and pure "Mori Girl" representative Kurai Yu adopted the cabbage slimming method and successfully lost 15 pounds, transforming from a fat girl to a thin girl.

The principle of the cabbage slimming method is that it can affect the nerve center of the brain that controls the abdomen. When chewing cabbage, fully exercise your jaw, which can affect the nerve center and form the feeling of being full with a small amount of food. If you eat a whole cabbage, the calorie intake is only 230 calories, and a person will feel full. In other words, it can prevent overeating.

Cabbage is rich in very weak fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, rich in nutrients, and can prevent the absorption of excessive nutrients. In addition, cabbage has beauty effects such as preventing aging and improving skin quality.

Two, cabbage full stomach slimming recipe

If you are only dissatisfied with your own weight, or if the waist and abdomen are more fleshy and want to have a thin waist and abdomen, then you can try the cabbage filling method. Choose 3-5 pieces of fresh cabbage leaves (whole), tear off the small pieces and put them in a pot to cook. You can put a small amount of salt in the pot to taste. When the cabbage is cooked to 7 minutes, you can take it out and let it cool for direct consumption. It is best to eat 20 minutes before a meal.

Half-cooked cabbage can keep the fiber chewy. When eating cabbage, try to make sure that you chew more than 25 times per bite. Light boiled cabbage can help you reduce your staple food intake by 30%-50%. . At the same time, after a lot of fiber enters the stomach, it will promote digestion and detoxification. If you insist on eating boiled cabbage before three meals a week, it is absolutely not a problem to lose 3 catties.

Third, the cabbage gap slimming recipe

Wanting to lose 5 pounds is a trivial matter for the cabbage slimming method, but the intake of cabbage will increase. The cabbage gap method is to replace one of the three meals with cabbage selection, achieving the effect of reducing 1/3 of the whole day's calories. There are also multiple choices for cabbage instead of meals. I recommend boiled and cold salads.

The cold cabbage should be cooked until at least 5 minutes cooked. The shredded cabbage can be made into a cold dress with green onion, ginger, garlic and other condiments. But remember not to add high-calorie condiments such as blended oil, sesame oil or peanut butter during the manufacturing process. To ensure normal metabolism, it is recommended to eat cabbage as a meal replacement at dinner. Chinese meals should ensure the absorption of protein, lipids and starches.

Fourth, cabbage instead of meal slimming recipes

Losing more than 7 kilograms a week is supported by strong willpower. The cabbage replacement method is a weight-loss method that uses cabbage as the staple food in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, the content of the breakfast becomes very important. It is necessary to ensure the sufficient amount of protein. You can choose eggs to prepare milk, soy milk to prepare whole wheat bread to make up for the nutrients.

Cabbage is also very high in water content and rich in vitamin C. It can not only promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also help excrete waste and excess fat from the body. Therefore, many people regard cabbage as a good weight loss product. Ice pure diacid can also inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat to control weight. Quickly learn these cabbage weight loss recipes so that you can easily lose meat!

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