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Can I lose weight by climbing stairs? This is real!

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Many white-collar workers choose to take the elevator when they go to work. In fact, they take advantage of the opportunity to go to and from work and choose to climb the stairs. They also have the effect of losing weight while exercising.

The principle of climbing stairs to lose weight:

Although the main part of climbing stairs is the thigh, it can also exercise the whole body at the same time. This is because in the process of climbing stairs, the body can naturally heat up, thereby enhancing metabolism, speeding up blood circulation throughout the body, helping thigh fat metabolism, and achieving a Weight loss effect with less effort.

Biomedicalists have determined that climbing stairs, a common exercise method, has a very obvious effect on Weight loss. For example, the calorie consumption of a person who climbs 1 meter is 1000 kcal/hour, which is equivalent to 5 times that of walking and 1.8 times that of running. , Swimming twice, if you run 2-3 times up and down the stairs of the 6-story building, it is equivalent to jogging 800-1500 meters on the ground.

Climbing stairs to lose weight must master the correct method

Focus your strength on the legs. Each step up two or three steps, the movement is steady and powerful, maintain a well-balanced breathing, do not need to run fast. Climb 4 or 5 storey high steps continuously, then relax your legs and go down the steps back to the starting point. Climbing the stairs repeatedly for about 1 hour each time, concentrate on training to lose your thighs. For an hour a day or an hour every other day, the legs will feel sore at first, but if you hold on for a few more days, the leg soreness will disappear, and you will find that your thighs have become slender and your buttocks have become warped in a short period of time.

2 ways to move stairs

1. Intermittent method

For some people who have just tried this exercise method and people with relatively obese body can use this method to exercise. At the beginning, climb the stairs for 3 minutes, then rest for 3 minutes in the middle, and then climb for 3 minutes after the rest, repeating this procedure. Slowly increase the duration after getting used to it, but pay attention not to exceed 20 minutes at the most.

2. Round Robin

This method is suitable for some exercise places with lower floors. When doing it, you can do it repeatedly up and down in the place of exercise. Also follow a step-by-step approach during exercise, first climb stairs for a short period of time, and then slowly extend it for a longer period of time. Some people who live on a low floor can also exercise in this way, especially when they go home or go out to take the opportunity to lose weight at any time.

What should I pay attention to when climbing stairs?

Climbing stairs to exercise, you must first combine your own actual situation.

People with varying degrees of osteoporosis or obesity must master the relationship between speed and duration when climbing stairs. At the beginning, you should adopt a slow speed, persist for a period of time, you can gradually increase the speed or extend the time, but not too violently, otherwise it will increase the burden on the heart and lungs. If you find discomfort while climbing stairs, you should stop exercising immediately. At the same time, we must master the correct exercise method. When going downstairs, in order to prevent the knee joint from being under increased pressure, the forefoot should first touch the ground, and then transition to the full sole of the ground to cushion the knee joint pressure.

After climbing the stairs, you can massage the knee joint locally. It is best to do exercises such as squatting, standing up, and static semi-squatting so that the knee joint can get sufficient exercise and prevent its stiffness.

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