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There is no shortcut to weight loss!

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There is no shortcut to Weight loss. In addition to a scientific diet, there are also scientific methods to reduce fat, but everything must start with a good foundation.

Never try to detoxify and fast

Your liver can help detox. The best way to cleanse your intestines and detox is to eat a balanced diet and drink water!

Don’t completely prohibit yourself from eating certain foods

Every time you forbid yourself to eat a certain food, it will look more tempting, and you will eventually eat it, because the relationship between guilt will make you eat more, so the best way is to allow yourself to eat , So that you can get happiness from food, but keep the right attitude because you really want to eat, not because they happen to be there.

Reduce carbohydrate intake

Everyone knows that losing weight requires reducing carbohydrate intake (hereinafter referred to as carbs). For example: snacks, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks, fast food, and many holidays or other special occasions.

The sodas, sports drinks, juices and wines we drink are all carbs. The worst carbohydrate is the pure sugar and syrup contained in candies, biscuits and soda, as well as refined carbohydrate in white bread and other beautiful desserts.

Don't refuse fat

Many people do not eat fat to lose weight. In fact, fat is also classified. We need to consume good fats in moderation. Beneficial fats will not affect blood sugar and insulin changes!

The standard for determining whether fat is good for health is the ratio of omega 6 fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids, which determines whether fat is beneficial to the human body. When the ratio of Omega 6 is higher than that of Omega 3, these people have a very high risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other inflammatory diseases.

Eat less high-protein diet

Controlling sugar intake is the key to maintaining and reducing weight. In addition, it is recommended to increase the proportion of protein intake in the daily diet, which can provide a longer period of fullness. At the same time, people digest protein better than digesting sugar. Fat consumes more calories, which, to a certain extent, can also help increase the level of basal metabolism.

When you start exercising (or resuming exercise)

Doing less is better than doing more

In fact, I’m telling you that if you’re just starting to exercise, don’t challenge difficult exercises or intense exercises at once. You should set a goal that you can achieve, such as having a gym twice a week, and then gradually increase the number of times.

Develop the habit of writing down to-dos, especially putting sports at the top,

Items you must not miss

Many people will divide the to-do list into two categories, one is "must do" and the other is "can do or not". At this time, it depends on your mentality. You must put exercise on "must" Only when you make a promise with yourself can you really do it.

Healthy weight loss

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