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Is there any way to lose five catties a week?

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In the season when the skirts are fluttering, everyone dresses like fairies, but unfortunately they are not suitable for long skirts or tights. They can only wear sportswear without restrictions, which causes a lot of anxiety.

   In order to soothe everyone’s emotions, increase self-confidence, and pursue beauty, this time we launched a set of invincible Weight loss methods, which can easily lose 5 kilograms per week.

   Weight loss diet plan:

   1. Three meals, the time of eating and drinking are: breakfast, before nine o'clock in the morning. Lunch, around 12:30 noon. Dinner, around 5:30 in the afternoon.

   Regular diet can stabilize blood sugar and body metabolism, help fat burning and maintain health.

   2. The food for three meals can only be boiled vegetables and chicken breast + sweet potatoes + kiwi. Note that only olive oil, vinegar and a very small amount of salt can be added to the boiled vegetable chicken breast to taste, and no seasonings are added.

   Adjusting your diet can completely control your caloric intake. In addition, although the amount and type of diet have been adjusted, it can also ensure adequate nutrition and make everyone thinner while ensuring health.

   3. Chew and swallow slowly when eating, and don’t support it when you are full.

  Good eating habits can automatically control food intake and increase digestion and excretion rates.

   4. Do not eat any food after dinner and before going to bed, except for three meals, no snacks and snacks.

  Reasonable control of the amount of food during the meal interval can directly reduce calorie intake, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss.

   5. You can only drink white water, tea, and black coffee. You can't drink any form of beverages, or juice.

   Drinking plenty of water can improve circulation and metabolism, which is helpful for weight loss and health.

   Weight loss exercise plan:

   Jump more than 1,000 times a day, skipping rope or bright jumping, of course, is better than jumping.

   In addition, there are about 15 minutes of muscle stretching exercises every day.

   Appropriate jumping can increase the metabolic rate and promote fat burning, not only that. Reasonable jumping can also improve muscle activity, help shape the body, and promote the formation of lean body.

  Muscle stretching can relax muscles and promote blood circulation in the body. It can not only eliminate edema, but also increase the fat burning rate, which has a strong fitness effect.

  Follow the above method to lose weight, and easily lose 5kg a week!

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