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What are the most effective ways to thin your arms

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What are the most effective ways to thin your arms

   Loose arms are super destructive, but how can thin arms be the most effective? In fact, it’s not difficult to lose weight quickly. Today, I will share with you The most effective way to lose weight. It takes 10 minutes to lose weight every day.

  How to lose weight quickly

  The equipment needed: resistance band, chair

   Thin arm method:

   First put your feet in the middle of the chair, straighten your body, and maintain an almost flat posture. But here you need to hold a special tool to support it. Then do push-ups for 1 minute, as many as possible.

   If you lack specialized fitness equipment at home, you can do push-ups or reverse push-ups in the traditional way.

   The second move is a lunge.

   First, place your feet shoulder-width apart, step on the resistance band evenly under your right foot, and hold the resistance band with both hands.

   Withdraw his left foot, arch his right leg, and make a lunge position. Bend your elbows and pull the resistance band toward your shoulders as hard as you can.

   Remember that your right knee must not extend beyond your toes.

   After doing this for 1 minute, return to the place and repeat this movement with the other leg.

   The third action requires the help of a chair.

   Put the palms of both hands on the chair, put your fingers on the edge of the chair, and elbows facing the direction of the back. Straighten your legs, bend your arms, and slowly lower your body until your body almost touches the ground. Then slowly recover the body.

   Then put your body in a standing position, with your feet slightly apart, hip and shoulder-width apart.

   Then slowly lower the body, extend the right leg to the back, and the upper body is in a nearly horizontal position, being careful not to twist the foot outwards.

   Stretch out your arms on both sides of your body and do not touch them together. Make the body a T shape. Keep it for 1 minute.

   Then put your body on the mat with your arms, keeping your arms and back straight. Slowly rotate your body so that the weight of your body rests on your left arm.

   Then he turned his body sideways and put one foot on the other. The arm that is not supporting the body should be straight up.

   hold for 1 minute and then change the other direction and do the same action.

   The next action is still similar to a push-up, but you need to put your arms next to you. Support on the ground with your forearms. Then slowly push your arms straight forward and lower your body until your elbows are close to the ground.

   Next, I still have to use the resistance band.

   Step on the resistance band under your left foot and hold the other end of the resistance band with your right hand. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

   Then stretch the right leg behind the body and make a lunge posture. But the right leg should be extended to the outside of the body, at least to the outside of the left foot. Bend your elbows and pull the resistance band upward.

   1 minute later, switch to the other side and repeat this action.

  The next move is to fix the resistance band on the body, holding both ends of the resistance band with both hands.

   Then slowly straightened his arms, raising his hands to the upper side of his shoulders. After holding for 1 minute, slowly return to the starting position.

   The last action is somewhat similar to the previous one. But let the body arch in a bridge position.

   Your hips must be lifted, but relaxed. Keep it for 1 minute.

   This set of actions takes about 10 minutes. It may take longer at first, and it will be easier to become proficient. You can repeat the whole set of movements 2-3 times. If you need to rest halfway, about 1 minute is enough~ Try not to take too long, otherwise the effect of exercise will be compromised

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