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How to lose weight quickly

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1. Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise is considered the best way to lose weight. Generally speaking, obese people can lose weight through proper aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises suitable for Weight loss mainly include jogging, swimming, climbing, and cycling. If you choose to jog, it is recommended to do aerobic jogging for more than 40 minutes after eating a small amount of food after getting up early. If it is winter, you can choose to go jogging when there is sun at noon and when the temperature is slightly higher. In addition, swimming is also a good choice, it can exercise the joints of the whole body, and can better solve the problem of upper body obesity.

  2, reasonable diet

   All obese people have a greedy mouth. If you control your mouth, you may lose weight soon. If you have the habit of eating snacks and drinking beverages, you can quit them all and replace snacks with nuts and low-fat yogurt to avoid gaining weight due to gluttony. At the same time, when choosing a daily diet, the staple food can be whole grains, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also choose coarse and fine food materials as a diet match to increase satiety without gaining weight. In addition, one boiled egg a day is also very necessary. It can provide protein every day, allowing you to lean down healthily.

  3, wipe the floor

   Kneeling on the floor, leaning forward, with only the toes, knees, and palms touching the ground. Keep your back straight, don't bend over, keep it straight.

   The right elbow and right knee are stretched to a certain distance at the same time, and the knee and elbow are stretched and opened as much as possible. Then restore to the original state. The same principle applies to left elbow and knee exercises. About 10 times each. Ten times and two times are a set.

   2 times a day, 2 sets of exercises each time. Stick to it for a month, you will feel obvious changes, the back fat is reduced, and the back lines are clear

Healthy weight loss

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