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You can really lose weight, the more relaxed the faster you will lose weight

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Many lazy and greedy friends who want to lose weight often say that it is good to use your mind to lose weight. This time everyone wants to introduce some ways to lose weight.

   The nerves of the human body are composed of sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves.

   What is sympathetic nerves?

  Sympathetic nerves are mainly active during the day. It will play a role in everyone's activities, tension and stress.

   For example, work, do housework, raise children, exercise, study, etc. The sympathetic nerves will prevail.

   When the sympathetic nerves are active, the heart rate will increase, the muscles will become stiff, and the blood vessels will contract and narrow.

   Although sympathetic nerves can help us work and live better, it is not conducive to body metabolism and Weight loss.

  What is parasympathetic nerve?

   The parasympathetic nerve mainly works at night.

   You will have the upper hand when you fall asleep, and you will be very active when you take a bath or relax.

   When the parasympathetic nerve is in active mode, the heart rhythm will be calm, the muscles will relax, and the blood vessels will open.

   When the parasympathetic nerve is innervated, it can promote gastrointestinal digestion, nutrient absorption and waste discharge. In other words, when the parasympathetic nerves are active, fatigue will be relieved and restored, body damage will be repaired, metabolism will become faster, and the effect of losing weight and maintaining health will be stronger.

  How do I use my mind to lose weight? That is to learn to relax and let the parasympathetic nerves become active.

  1. Learning to reduce life stress, moderate exercise, outdoor walking, travel and meditation are all very effective ways to reduce stress.

  2. Ensure adequate sleep, go to bed before 11 o'clock every night, sleep for 7 hours to ensure that the sympathetic nerve is dominant in neural activity.

  3. Get in the habit of soaking your feet, bathing and massaging your body. Warm bath and massage can relieve stress and improve parasympathetic nerve activity.

   Facts have proved that neurons can promote blood circulation and metabolism. When we learn to relax, work and rest healthy, we can ensure that the parasympathetic nerves are dominant, so as to achieve the effect of mental Weight loss and rapid fat burning.

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