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What are the ways to lose weight quickly through exercise

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What are the ways to lose weight quickly through exercise
   At present, many people are sedentary and lack of exercise, which leads to getting fatter and fatter. What can they do to lose weight? Today, let's take a look at exercises suitable for boys to lose weight quickly.

  1. Exercise for boys to lose weight quickly

  1. Body rotation exercises

   (1) Take a step to the left with your left foot, raise your arms to one side, turn your upper body 90 degrees to the left, bend your elbows, lean your back against your waist, and place your left arm behind your body.

(2) Bend the right arm horizontally in front of the chest, touch the left shoulder with the fingers, straighten the arms, bend the left arm horizontally in front of the chest, raise the right arm horizontally, rotate the upper body 180 degrees to the right, look at the right hand, stand upright after recovery, Rotate left and right four times. This exercise is divided into two groups.

  2, dumbbells

  Dumbbells can be thin arms. Choosing a dumbbell of the right weight will not lose weight. If the weight is too heavy, it will not lose weight. It will also grow muscles. When lifting dumbbells, it is effortless, but it feels that the effect of exerting force is good.

  3, pedaling on your back

Lie on your back on the ground with your hands behind your head, head and shoulders slightly off the ground, bend your left knee close to your chest, turn your body to the left, touch your left knee with your right elbow, then recover, switch to the other side, one on each side Action, a set of 20 actions.

  2. Other ways to lose weight for boys

  1. Eat less high-fat foods: You must eat less to lose weight, especially high-calorie and high-fat foods. We can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits instead of butter and meat every day, which is very helpful for Weight loss.

  2. Strength training to strengthen aerobics is not enough. Proper power connection can increase the body's metabolism level. For conditional sounds, it is recommended to carry out weight training three times a week, and to arrange the weight according to the user's situation.

  3. Drink more water

  Water can improve metabolism, replenish body water, and take away excess toxins.

  4. Persevere: "No matter what it is, Weight loss is the same. There is no direct loss. Choose your favorite weight loss method. If you stick to it, you will definitely have a perfect body.

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