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3 tips to lose weight, easily lose 15 catties in one month

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Successfully lost 15 kilograms in one month. From the initial 122 kg, the weight dropped to 107 kg. Losing weight is actually very simple. As long as you can continue to lose weight, you will definitely gain something. The following are netizens' Weight loss points, which are recommended to all friends who want to lose weight.

   Summary of life before Weight loss:

  1. No snacks, no drinks.

  2. Make sure you eat three meals, especially breakfast.

  3. Don't eat any food every once in a while. If you are really hungry, you can eat some fruit.

  4. Drink warm water without worries. The extra drinking water to remove diet should be about 3 bottles of mineral water (1.5 liters) per day.

   5. Never stay up late, go to bed early and get up early. Going to bed early can also inhibit aging.

  Specific ways to lose weight:

  一, in terms of diet

   Three meals a day, no other food except three meals.

   Breakfast: whole wheat bread, boiled eggs and vegetables (around 8 in the morning)

  Lunch: Boiled chicken breast and vegetables (around 12 noon)

   Dinner: a corn, a cup of soy milk and vegetables (around 18 o'clock in the evening)

   Don’t eat anything except water until dinner. But the vegetables for every meal are all you can eat.

  二, exercise

   insist on exercising every day. If you have enough time, it is jogging and weight loss exercises. Exercise 40 to 1 hour a day.

   If your life is very busy, make sure you don’t do weight loss exercises for half an hour every day.

   In addition to exercise, you should also ensure enough daily activities, and stand and walk more when you have time.

  三, weight loss habits

  Develop an eating habit of chewing slowly.

   Do not rest immediately after a meal, you can wash the dishes, or you can stand or walk normally.

   If you are hungry, drink warm water slowly. If you are hungry, you will not get fat. In addition to white water, tea drinking water, barley water and black coffee are also recommended.

   Drink a glass of warm water every day when you wake up to promote the excretion of stool and improve metabolism.

   Soak your feet with warm water before going to bed to relieve fatigue and increase the metabolic rate during sleep.

   Go to bed before 11 o'clock every night and sleep for 7 hours.

   Netizens insist on losing weight according to the above weight loss method for one month. Not only did they succeed in losing weight, but their muscle shape also improved accordingly. Become thinner and more fashionable. If you want to lose weight successfully, try the above methods.

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