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How to reduce the fat on the waist

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How to reduce the fat on the waist

   There are too many fat words on girls' calves, and Hao has no body curves to speak of, and he looks like an aunt! So how to lose fat on the belly?

  How to reduce belly 1. Check your sitting posture

If you want to have a flat lower abdomen, office worker MM must always check their sitting posture. I found that many MMs either like to sit on the back of the chair, or like to sit with their back lifted up. Over time, the abdominal muscles will change. It has to become more and more relaxed, and it will naturally bulge.

  Some girls who like to walk with their arms around will have their belly dumped unconsciously, which means that your belly is completely free of pressure, and of course cellulite will grow!

The most effective way for office workers to reduce their belly is to change their sitting and standing positions. When sitting, they must always keep their heads up and chest up. The abdominal muscles and back muscles must be used at the same time. Keep doing it every day. After a month, the belly will be reduced. Disappeared!

  The second method of reducing the belly is to defecate regularly every day, and the lower abdomen is naturally flat

   There are a lot of fats on the lower abdomen. A large part of the reason is caused by stool. If girls have long-term stool problems, there will be a lot of waste and toxins in the intestines, and chronic abdominal distension will form over time. So how to solve the problem of constipation? When you wake up in the morning, get into the habit of drinking a cup of warm honey water on an empty stomach, which can speed up gastrointestinal motility and easily solve constipation.

   Ways to reduce belly three, get rid of bad habits

  Some girls have slender limbs, but they have a lot of fat on their belly. This is often caused by some bad living habits. Which habits will cause fat on their belly?

   1. Like to sit down immediately after eating;

  2. Lack of exercise, super dislike of walking, and can sit and never stand, and can lie down and never stand;

   3. I usually like to eat some heavy-tasting foods;

   4. I often like to eat midnight snacks, and immediately go to bed after eating;

   5. Love snacks and eat super fast.

  The fourth method of reducing belly, massage regularly to remove fat on the lower abdomen

Massaging the abdomen is actually the most effective way to reduce the stomach, especially for office workers. Because of the sedentary relationship, blood circulation in the lower body is not smooth. You can massage the water point located above the navel every day, which will not only accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also avoid abdominal edema. , And it can also achieve the effect of reducing belly fat!

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