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How to lose ten pounds in one month

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As the weather gets warmer and clothes become thinner and thinner, our desire for a good figure becomes more and more urgent. In order to ensure that everyone can be slim throughout the summer, Bian Xiao organized three sets of high-quality Weight loss methods. No matter which kind of persistence you choose, it can achieve a good Weight loss effect within one month.

  The first set of weight loss methods:

  1. You can eat any food you want before 10 am, but you can't eat too much every time. You must stop eating when you are half full.

  2. A simple lunch, a piece of sweet potato, a palm-sized boiled chicken breast, and a plate of boiled cauliflower (you can replace it with other vegetables you like). Eat slowly, making sure that the lunch lasts more than 15 minutes.

   3. After dinner before 17 o'clock, you can only eat 150 grams of yogurt and a banana. Do not eat any food after dinner until before going to bed.

  4. You can only eat the above-mentioned foods after 10 in the morning, and you can't eat any more foods other than that.

   5. Drink plenty of water and about 2 liters of white water every day.

   Exercise three times a week for more than one hour each time. It can be any sport you like, and it can continue.

   The second set of weight loss methods:

  1. Do not eat any snacks and drinks.

  2. Three meals a day. But for the three meals, you can only eat light foods, not high-calorie, greasy and high-sugar foods.

  3. Food during weight loss can only be cooked, not fried, baked or fried foods.

  4. Don't eat staple foods made of white rice and flour. Only eat whole grains, potatoes and beans.

   5. Of the three meals a day, brunch is full and dinner is half full.

   6. Don't eat too late for dinner. Make sure you eat the whole day four hours before dinner.


   Jump rope 2000 times a day, stretch muscles for half an hour.

   The third set of weight loss methods:

  1. Eat three meals a day, you can eat normal food, but you can't eat too much, six or seventy percent full, a little hungry, you must stop eating.

  2. Although there are three meals, dinner time is around 3pm, and you can't eat after 3pm. If you are really hungry, try to drink some warm water slowly or eat some cherry tomatoes.

   Run five days a week, five kilometers each time.

   The utilization rate of the above three weight loss methods is extremely high, and any one of them can achieve a good weight loss effect within one month.

   In addition to choosing a weight loss method, one of the most important factors is continuity. As long as we can persist in losing weight, we will surely lose weight successfully. Quickly find the method you like and put it into practice. You can lose weight in a month.

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