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It's also a little trick to lose weight, you can lose a few pounds

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The difference between increasing intake and calorie consumption is the principle of Weight loss. Therefore, if you want to lose weight successfully, you must find the right way to reduce calorie intake and increase calorie consumption.

   To get a significant Weight loss effect within a month, you need to follow reasonable weight loss rules. A healthy diet and reasonable exercise are necessary. This time, I want to introduce some weight loss techniques, which will make you lose a large circle in a month.

  1. Control diet according to basal metabolism

  Basic metabolism refers to the energy required to maintain basic physical activity. For example, breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, digestion, and brain activity are all basic metabolisms of the body.

   More relevant data show that the daily basal metabolism of adult men is about 1500 kcal, and that of adult women is about 1200 kcal.

   It is best to ensure that the daily calorie intake during weight loss is equal to or slightly lower than the energy required for basic metabolism. This can not only promote the body's metabolic cycle and fat burning, but also ensure the body's health and basic physical activity.

  In other words, the calorie content of three meals is between 1200 and 1500 calories.

   2. Exercise to increase muscle stretching

   Muscular people usually have a higher basal metabolism. On the contrary, obese people with low muscle mass and lack of exercise have slow basal metabolism, which is also the reason for obesity and weight loss failure.

   Therefore, if you want to lose weight successfully, you must not only increase aerobic exercise, but also ensure sufficient muscle stretch. Only when the muscle mass is sufficient and the muscle activity is improved, the basal metabolism can be accelerated. When the basic metabolism becomes better, even if you lie still, you can burn fat, thereby achieving the effect of losing weight and maintaining health.

   3. Avoid eating after 18:00

   The most important thing in the diet is to ensure that you eat before 18 o'clock. After 18: 00, I will not eat anything except warm water (or hot flower tea). The amount of night activity is reduced and the metabolism slows down. If you continue to eat late at night, many foods will not be digested during sleep, and the rest of your life will likely become fat, leading to obesity.

   Therefore, in order to prevent obesity, you must allow enough digestion time before going to bed.

   Restricting diet and increasing exercise are the basis for weight loss, but don’t blindly restrict diet and exercise. Master the correct method. Not only can you succeed easily, but you can also get twice the result with half the effort.

Healthy weight loss

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